App designed to help mentally ill

2015-12-30 08:36:00

A mobile phone application has been launched catering to the needs of people with mental disorders.

County leaders fired for collapse of mine

2015-12-30 08:34:59

Several leaders of Pingyi county, Shandong province, were dismissed in connection with a mine collapse that occurred in the county on Friday.

Beijng Zoo wholesale market to be relocated by 2016

2015-12-30 08:19:36

The Julong Foreign Trade Garment City will be closed on Dec 31, a move of Beijing government to gradually relocate markets in the Zoo Market Area to neighboring Hebei Province so as to reduce traffic congestion and population density.

Freed death row inmate is compensated

2015-12-30 08:16:40

A man condemned to death three times for murder and who spent 11 years on death row before being cleared has been awarded $196,000 in compensation.

Shanghai airport going supersize

2015-12-30 08:00:38

Construction of the world's largest passenger terminals has begun at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, with completion set for 2019.

Parents try to clear air for children at Beijing schools

2015-12-30 07:33:39

Hu Qingming, a Beijing resident whose daughter is a primary school pupil in the capital, collected 5,000 yuan ($770) with other parents to buy an air filter for their children's classroom.

Demand booms for high-end financial talent

2015-12-30 07:33:02

High-end jobs are flourishing with the launch of China-initiated new financial institutions, and an imminent change in share-listing rules in the domestic market.

Over 340 entertainment facilities shut down due to safety concerns

2015-12-29 20:29:00

Quality supervision and inspection authorities across China closed down 348 large entertainment facilities in amusement parks and 23 ropeways in skiing parks found to pose serious safety risks ahead of New Year's Day.

County officials sacked after gypsum mine collapse

2015-12-29 20:16:19

Four county officials were sacked for their responsibility for the collapse of a gypsum mine that left one miner dead and 17 others trapped last Friday in East Shandong province.

The Nutcracker theme park to be unveiled in Shanghai

2015-12-29 20:08:14

The Ice Kingdom-The Nutcracker will be unveiled at the Shanghai Expo site on Jan 1, 2016 to welcome children and adults to encounter snow and ice, and play in the frozen world without having to fly further north.

Beijing issues blue alert for heavy air pollution

2015-12-29 20:06:08

A blue alert for heavy air pollution was issued by Beijing municipal emergency response headquarters.

Shanghai motorist given life sentence for killing traffic police

2015-12-29 17:35:56

A Shanghai motorist was given a life sentence for killing a traffic police officer, a court ruled on Tuesday.