Famous Beijing wholesale market's relocation moving apace

2015-12-03 11:04:04

The relocation of a renowned wholesale market in downtown Beijing will be completed by the end of 2016, vacating about 300,000 square meters and moving about 30,000 workers out to less crowded suburbs, the local government said on Wednesday.

Fire engulfs grain and oil market in Shanghai

2015-12-03 09:31:18

A grain and oil market is ablaze in Jinian Road in Shanghai at around 9pm on Dec 2. A total of 20 fire engines arrived at the scene to extinguish the blaze.

Chinese carbon-capture grass cited as tool against climate change

2015-12-03 07:53:18

A hardy, fast-growing grass known as lyu xin (green heart) is being hailed as a new addition to the world's arsenal in the fight against climate change.

Looking to land a new future

2015-12-03 07:53:18

Urbanization, tourism, pollution and stricter rules on environmental protection are creating new challenges for the traditional fishing industry in one of China's largest freshwater lakes. Zhu Lixin reports from Hefei.

Academy proposes retirement age timeline

2015-12-03 07:53:18

China should gradually increase the retirement age as part of a solution to fill a possible future pension fund gap, according to a green book on population and labor released on Wednesday.

Analysis: Diabetes, weight loss, high on list of health concerns

2015-12-03 07:46:39

Weight loss, diabetes, cancer and nutrition are among the most popular topics with Chinese people who habitually follow health news online.

China vows better copyright protection for music industry

2015-12-02 21:36:09

China will act on unauthorized publication and online sharing of music with an system to allow the public to report wrongdoing.

Hunan province creates furniture business hub

2015-12-02 20:02:46

A major furniture business center is being built in Yiyang, Hunan province, aiming to become home to hundreds of enterprises from the prosperous Pearl River Delta, according to local authorities.

English Premier League coaches to aid China’s soccer goal

2015-12-02 16:17:10

Young soccer players in Shanghai may soon get tips from coaches of major Premier League clubs including Manchester City, Liverpool and Hotspur.

Chinese police bust massive people smuggling ring targeting Americas

2015-12-02 16:12:50

Chinese police arrested 22 suspects and discovered more than 35,000 forged visas after busting a people smuggling ring helping 3,200 Chinese illegally go to Americas.

22 detained in illegal emigration crackdown

2015-12-02 16:12:53

22 detained in illegal emigration crackdown

China urged to upgrade its industrial design savvy

2015-12-02 15:05:58

Chinese manufacturers are being encouraged to develop better industrial designs and strengthen their brands in order to deliver a more valuable product to the market.