French reporter's press card declined for speaking for terrorism

2015-12-26 19:46:26

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson confirmed that China has refused to renew press credentials for a French journalist for her comments regarding terrorism.

Research report profiles Chinese middle class in metropolis

2015-12-26 16:45:14

An average middle class citizen in Beijing earns 256,016 yuan ($39,528) per year, the highest among Chinese cities, according to a report.

China ranks first worldwide for outbound tourists

2015-12-26 16:31:42

China had the world's largest number of outbound tourists in 2015, according to data from the China National Tourism Administration.

Tibet insures urban residents against serious illness

2015-12-26 13:21:57

Urban residents in Tibet are now covered by a serious illness insurance, the local government said Saturday.

Cold front to disperse heavy smog

2015-12-26 12:51:45

The smog plaguing much of north China is expected to disperse on Saturday afternoon thanks to a cold front, the weather observatory forecast.

Further options open for Straits travel

2015-12-26 07:58:23

A passenger ferry route between Huangqi in Fujian province and Matsu in Taiwan has allowed tourists and commuters a cheaper and faster choice for cross-Straits travel.

Shenzhen landslide man-made event, not natural disaster

2015-12-26 07:40:20

A landslide that has left dozens missing in the southern city of Shenzhen was a work safety incident, and the local government apologized to victims.

Taking the lead once more

2015-12-26 05:12:26

Shanghai to again be at the forefront as China moves to reform their State-owned enterprises

Selfies with a difference

2015-12-26 05:12:26

Find out how this Shanghai woman is turning heads and gaining recognition for her unique self-portraits taken in landmarks across the world