Cabbage becomes gourmet food

2016-01-19 07:56:27

A type of "cabbage de terroir" now selling for 59 yuan ($8.97) a head in Qingdao, Shandong province, has quickly become a sought-after ingredient for home chefs here and abroad.

Three more arrested for fatal Shenzhen landslide

2016-01-19 09:31:09

Three more suspects implicated in the collapse of a construction waste pile that killed 69 people in Shenzhen last month were arrested on Monday, according to the local procuratorate.

Poverty in Guizhou alleviated by Internet

2016-01-19 07:56:27

With the booming development of e-commerce and big-data technology, Guizhou province aims to lift millions out of poverty as China makes a five-year dash to help all of its 1.3 billion people have sufficient means for a comfortable life.

Couples in field of law face choice over jobs

2016-01-19 07:56:27

Prosecutors and judges whose spouses are lawyers, judicial auditors or judicial auctioneers have to choose whether they or their spouse will leave their positions, under a new rule implemented this year in Shanghai.

Outbound tourism sees slower but steady growth

2016-01-19 07:56:27

China's outbound tourism industry seems have lost its explosive growth amid concerns including the depreciation of the yuan and a world under the shadow of terrorism.

'Loopholes' should be closed for tobacco ads

2016-01-19 07:56:27

China's anti-tobacco activists urged the country's top legislators to reconsider a draft of the nation's first-ever charity law, which they said would be used by the tobacco industry for advertising and branding.

Advanced seawater treatment plant cuts energy use

2016-01-19 07:55:57

A new desalination system that can produce more than 60,000 liters of fresh water a day has recently been put into operation on Guishan, an island in the Zhuhai special economic zone, Guangdong province.

China playing major role in oil selloff

2016-01-19 08:25:42

The price of oil continued to fall last week and observers said China, which is embracing renewable energy, was one of major factors in the global selloff.

Students balk over pledge of sex fidelity

2016-01-19 07:43:38

Few female university students sign the pledge that they will not have sex before marriage after their teacher makes such a call.

Database launched to check identity of Living Buddhas

2016-01-19 02:36:03

An online database of legitimate Living Buddhas was launched at a ceremony in Beijing on Monday to help followers of Tibetan Buddhism distinguish between real ones and fakes.

Baby panda makes debut in southwest China zoo

2016-01-18 20:40:58

A giant panda cub met with the public for the first time at the municipal zoo in southwestern Chinese Chongqing on Sunday.

200,000 contraband items seized at Beijing subway security checks in 2015

2016-01-18 18:39:22

Beijing police seized more than 200,000 contraband items during security checks of subway passengers last year, and nabbed 280 suspects who tried to use the transportation system.