Visitors spread wings at home and abroad

2016-02-23 08:03:54

Tourism industry on the march: China, the largest market for outbound tourism, has seen rapid growth in the number of overseas trips and consumption, according to the China National Tourism Administration and the National Bureau of Statistics.

Students begin new term with lucky bags and red envelopes

2016-02-23 07:52:58

Students begin new term with lucky bags and red envelopes

Train ticket glitch results in a lawsuit

2016-02-23 07:26:27

A court in Beijing's Haidian district earlier this month accepted the lawsuit of a visually impaired man who was suing China Railway Corp.

50 foreigners detained in South China drugs bust

2016-02-22 22:43:50

Police in South China's Guangdong province on early Sunday morning detained 50 foreign drug users at a party in the city of Shenzhen.

Safety risks see 1.3m vehicles recalled

2016-02-22 19:44:28

Four auto companies are to recall more than 1.3 million cars with safety risks, China's quality authority said on Monday.

Beijing to set up more air quality monitoring stations

2016-02-22 18:43:41

China's capital will upgrade its air monitoring system, doubling the number of monitoring stations, the local environmental authority said on Monday.

China opens more inbound duty free shops

2016-02-22 18:32:32

China has opened 19 new inbound duty free shops for domestic shoppers, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said.

Opening gated communities to public sparks online debate

2016-02-22 16:36:01

Many Internet users express concern over the potential risks from opening up the gated communities to public, according to a poll.

Lantern Festival celebrations across China

2016-02-22 16:35:43

Villagers in Boxing county, Shandong province wear costumes during a folk art performance to greet the Lantern Festival, which falls on Feb 22 this year. The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Since it is held to mark the first full moon of the lunar year, Chinese celebrate by hanging colorful lanterns, playing games and gathering with friends to eat sweetened rice dumplings.

Tourism entrepreneur fulfills his dream on the high plateau

2016-02-22 08:09:58

Ten years ago, Xu Bin was a 22-year-old student at the China Academy of Art, making his very first trip to the Tibet autonomous region to complete a painting project for school.

Inland areas seek free trade zone approval

2016-02-22 08:09:58

Inland provinces and autonomous regions are allocating a growing proportion of their fiscal revenue toward improving their chances of being selected as a free trade zone.

How much tax to levy? There are no easy answers

2016-02-22 08:09:58

As China prepares a fresh round of tax cuts, economists are airing different views on how much the society is, or should be, paying to the government.