Chinese firm clinches deals on power projects in Africa

2015-12-30 16:19:11

China XD Group Corporation, one of the leading research and manufacturing enterprises for complete sets of electricity transmission and distribution equipment, recently signed two contracts with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Egypt for construction of two power projects in the two African countries.

Embracing the liberal arts

2015-12-30 10:39:45

As the rising Chinese middle class thinks more globally, local schools and universities find themselves competing with overseas institutions.

8 trapped miners still alive 5 days after mine collapse

2015-12-30 12:09:00

Rescuers have found eight survivors five days after a mine collapse in east China's Shandong Province, rescuers confirmed on Wednesday.

China removes police quota to smooth case filing

2015-12-30 10:42:38

Chinese police will remove unscientific evaluation criteria such as case clearance rates to improve work efficiency and make the procedure for the public to file a case easier.

World's first high-speed train line circling an island opens in Hainan

2015-12-30 10:15:19

South China's island province Hainan opened a new stretch of track that completes the world's first high-speed train line circling an island.

Why did China convene its first urban work conference in 37 years?

2015-12-30 09:48:33

On Dec 20, the Chinese government convened its first Central Urban Work Conference in 37 years. Why was the meeting held at this time? What we can expect from this meeting?

Standards to help clean up chaotic market for air purifiers

2015-12-30 08:36:00

A new national standard for air purifiers will help guide the booming market for the devices, which currently lacks supervision, experts said.

Drones to monitor movement of PM2.5

2015-12-30 08:36:00

Researchers in Shanghai have developed a method to use unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the concentration of PM2.5 at high attitudes in the Yangtze River Delta.

Personnel to be trained for Winter Games

2015-12-30 08:36:00

Athletes, instructors, judges and other staff will be developed over the next seven years in Hebei province

Students breathe easy in playground bubbles

2015-12-30 08:36:00

More schools looking at fabric domes to keep smog out, but the price may be prohibitive

Land with lost soil continues to decline

2015-12-30 08:36:00

Areas of desertification and sandification - land on which soil has been lost - have continued to decline, the State Forestry Administration said on Tuesday.

Courts call for more vigilance against pollution

2015-12-30 08:36:00

Environmental organizations and prosecuting authorities have been called upon to improve their role in dealing with environment-related cases, as the number of disputes has increased rapidly, an official of China's top court said.