China's 1st Zika patient discharged from hospital

2016-02-14 19:05:27

China's first patient with the Zika virus was discharged from hospital on Sunday.

Valentine meets first workday amid traffic chaos

2016-02-14 19:03:11

Valentine's Day of 2016 is destined to be special for many Chinese still on icy roads returning to work from their hometowns hundreds of miles away.

Express delivery market slows in holiday

2016-02-14 17:44:31

The explosive growth of the Chinese express delivery market slowed during the Spring Festival holiday, as many couriers followed the tradition of taking time off to return to their hometowns.

China reports safer Lunar New Year holiday

2016-02-14 16:57:15

No traffic accidents involving more than 10 deaths were reported nationwide during the seven-day Lunar New Year holiday, which started on Feb 7, said the Ministry of Public Security on Sunday.

China to launch domestic gravitational wave research project

2016-02-14 15:23:47

Tianqin, China's domestic gravitational wave research project initiated by the Sun Yat-sen University in July 2015, is awaiting governmental approval.

Airlines become major flower carriers for Valentine's Day

2016-02-14 13:58:07

Airplanes have trumped other forms of transportation this year to carry flowers ahead of Valentine's Day, as many land-based courier companies have ceased operations over the Lunar New Year holiday from February 7 to February 13.

Pandas' first Spring Festival in Macao's park

2016-02-14 09:58:18

It is the first time that the new pair of giant pandas, named "Kaikai" and "Xinxin", spent Spring Festival in Macao since they were donated by the Chinese central government as gifts to the region in last May. 

No more hard goodbyes after New Year reunion, some choose to stay for good

2016-02-14 03:43:31

The end of Spring Festival holiday often means bidding farewell to home and getting back to work at faraway cities. But for many Chinese, this year's holiday marks the beginning of a new life with a job at home.

Railway stations witness travle peak as Spring Festival holiday comes to end

2016-02-13 15:37:33

Railway stations witness travle peak as Spring Festival holiday comes to end

The Hainan good life offers natural choice for home buyers

2016-02-13 07:50:22

As many parts of China have experienced cold and smog, tropical island of Hainan is becoming a desirable destination for property buyers.

Antarctic air squadron to be set up

2016-02-13 07:46:38

China will set up an Antarctic air squadron this year to support its scientific expeditions to the polar region, the State Oceanic Administration said.

Old hand plays it by the book

2016-02-12 16:20:47

A n accounting veteran with over two decades in the profession under his belt, Dennis Ho Chiu-ping, 2015 president of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), has been a true witness to the industry's rise in the city and an active participant in shaping its future.