Threeway split makes the neutrino special

2015-12-28 08:20:29

For high-energy physicists, the neutrino is one of the most fascinating subatomic particles. Its name is self-explanatory, to some extent: the particle is neutral and part of a "trinity" that consists of the electron, muon and tau neutrinos, which can transform themselves into each other under certain circumstances.

Clean air blows in for a brief visit

2015-12-28 08:20:42

Beijing residents got a brief respite from a spate of smog on Sunday morning, when the chilly air went from hazardous to good. But the pollution will come back stronger on Monday and engulf the capital and its southern neighbors again for three days, the national weather authority said.

False money company aims for stock market listing

2015-12-28 08:20:29

Selling false paper money, used on traditional occasions to pay respects to ancestors, is not the only business for a Chinese folk culture company, which is applying for listing on the stock market.

Central bank gives helping hand to Tibet

2015-12-28 08:20:42

China's central bank is seeking new methods to strengthen financial support in the Tibet autonomous region, aiming to accelerate regional economic development and lift local residents out of poverty in the next five years.

Man arrested 21 years after murdering 4

2015-12-28 08:10:30

A man from east China's Shandong Province has been arrested for killing a family of four people 21 years ago, local police said.

Workers race against time to rescue 17 miners

2015-12-28 07:38:31

The owner of a gypsum mine that collapsed on Friday in Shandong province drowned early on Sunday morning in an apparent suicide while assisting rescue teams attempting to extract the 17 miners still trapped underground.

Chairman of China Telecom probed for corruption

2015-12-28 07:26:00

Chang Xiaobing, the chairman of the country's third-largest telecom carrier, is the highest-ranking official from the telecom sector to be investigated.

Gypsum mines suspend operations after accident in E China

2015-12-27 21:26:21

Government of East China's Shandong province has ordered gypsum mines to suspend operations for safety checks on Sunday, after a gypsum mine collapsed on Friday with one person known to have died and another 17 still trapped.

Urumqi-Lanzhou high-speed rail carries 4.5 million passengers in first year

2015-12-27 17:51:08

The high-speed railway linking Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, with Xining, capital of Qinghai province, and Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province, has carried more than 4.5 million people in the first year of its operation, the regional authorities announced on Sunday.

11 million Beijing residents benefit from south-north water

2015-12-27 17:50:59

A total of 870 million cubic meters of water from the south-to-north water diversion project have been delivered to Beijing as of Sunday, one year after the project went on-stream, municipal authorities announced on Sunday.

Lawmakers amend law to allow all couples to have two children

2015-12-27 16:38:44

Relaxation of the policy is expected to provide part of the solution to the challenge of an aging population, and to become a new driver for the economy.

Top legislature adopts nation's first counter-terrorism law

2015-12-27 16:27:40

China's top legislature adopted the first counter-terrorism law in the latest attempt to address terrorism at home and help maintain world security.