'Best' chestnuts bring hefty fine

2016-01-15 08:00:10

A store that sells sugar-roasted chestnuts is facing a fine of 200,000 yuan ($30,500) after advertising its products as "the best" in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

Agricultural researchers eyeing global outreach

2016-01-15 08:00:10

Academy urged to focus on new crop varieties, livestock breeds, biotech

New country, new life, new challenge

2016-01-15 08:00:10

Every year, thousands of young Chinese head overseas to study. For many, the thrill of moving into a new environment is overshadowed by feelings of alienation and a lack of friends in their host country. Wang Fan and Yuan Yue report from New York.

China gaining ground against graft

2016-01-15 08:00:10

While China is gaining ground to overcome corruption, the Communist Party of China has continued the fight against corruption to ensure clean governance.

Meddlers in court cases to be named

2016-01-15 08:00:10

New rules aim to eliminate interference by govt officials, clamp down on ethics violations

Work to start on rail link with Iran

2016-01-15 08:00:10

The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region plans to start preliminary work on a railway linking China with Iran via Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan within five years.

Sessions call out leaders on pollution

2016-01-15 08:00:10

Chinese environmental authorities summoned leaders from five cities over the past two days to reprimand them for severe pollution in their jurisdictions and for illegal - and damaging - mineral explorations in nature reserves.

Number of human bird flu cases likely to rise

2016-01-15 07:59:41

More human infections from bird flu are expected before the spring, with sporadic human-to-human transmissions in China, according to the nation's top scientists.

Meeting Confucius in modern times

2016-01-15 07:59:41

"It is as though a descendant of Jesus Christ has just walked out on stage", a colleague of mine whispered loudly and all too irreverently in my ear.

Scientists make advance in battle against Ebola

2016-01-15 07:59:41

Chinese scientists have contributed to a new breakthrough in the fight against the Ebola virus after the deadly outbreak in West Africa in March 2014.

Record numbers leaving mainland during Spring Festival

2016-01-15 07:44:53

World tourism destinations are expected to see nearly 6 million visits by Chinese tourists, possibly the highest number on record.

China 'needs to cash in' on lottery craze

2016-01-15 03:48:24

China should introduce more kinds of lotteries and ease the buying process for its citizens, industry experts said, as many Chinese joined the rush this week to buy tickets for the record Powerball jackpot in the United States.