Toxic seeds seized at Guangzhou airport

2016-03-01 14:13:37

A Chinese passenger was found unintentionally carrying one of the world's most toxic seeds, which he had picked up in Ethiopia, in his suitcase at Guangzhou airport.

Strong female characters in film and TV inspire women in life: Study

2016-03-01 11:25:53

The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and J. Walter Thompson Company released a research report saying that female role models in film and TV are hugely influential in driving women to improve their lives.

China's first large passenger plane poised for maiden flight

2016-03-01 10:27:20

Photo taken on Feb 29, 2016 shows the black boxes, or flight recorders of C919 plane at the plane's research base in Shanghai Aircraft Design And Research Institute of the Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (COMAC), in Shanghai.

'I was so depressed,' ex-fugitive concedes

2016-03-01 10:04:16

Chang Zheng, one of China's most-wanted fugitives, told police his life on the run in Canada was marked by emotional hardship.

Falsely imprisoned man learns to adjust to life in outside world

2016-03-01 10:01:13

Lawyer Wang Wanqiong said that she was very surprised and moved to receive a WeChat message during the Lunar New Year from her client, Chen Man, who had been wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years.

Report: Courts aim to correct injustice

2016-03-01 09:54:51

In a bid to improve the protection of human rights, Chinese courts have been asked to make the hearing of cases a priority and increase efforts to avoid wrongful verdicts, an official of the top court said.

China plans to raise age of retirement

2016-03-01 09:49:58

China will gradually raise its statutory retirement age over the coming years in a bid to combat the effects of an aging population.

Giant panda receives artificial insemination in Taiwan

2016-03-01 09:42:26

Experts artificially inseminated giant panda Yuan Yuan in the city of Taipei in Taiwan, Feb 29, 2016.

New legislation outlaws domestic abuse

2016-03-01 09:08:44

China's first law targeting violence within the home has now come into force, outlining a new approach to spousal and partner abuse and challenging traditional notions about family values.

China's panda pair to leave for ROK

2016-03-01 03:43:38

A pair of giant pandas will leave China for their new home in the Republic of Korea (ROK) on Thursday on a 15-year lease.

Protection to be boosted after judge shot dead

2016-03-01 02:33:38

Chinese courts are to step up efforts to protect judicial officers after a Beijing judge was shot dead near her home last week.

China orders clean-up to prevent Zika outbreak

2016-02-29 22:57:25

Regions have been ordered to clean up public venues as the weather is becoming warmer, which means mosquito-born viruses, including Zika, and other infections may spread easier.