Sinopec offers free refuelling service for migrant workers

2016-01-11 21:50:00

Sinopec's subsidiary in Guangdong province will offer free refuelling services for migrant workers going home by motorcycle or minibus during the upcoming annual travel rush.

Thieves sentenced to life in prison for tapping oil pipe

2016-01-11 21:12:46

Three men were sentenced to life in prison for theft of refined oil worth 470 million yuan ($71 million), the largest case of theft in terms of value since 1949.

Hong Kong star cut from TV show over controversial comments

2016-01-11 19:29:48

A Hong Kong star was edited out of a show on national television after he shared controversial comments about a former Chinese leader on Facebook.

Terrorism prevention to intensify, Xinjiang chairman reports

2016-01-11 17:55:22

Xinjiang will continue to intensify its campaign against terrorism in 2016, aiming to stop terrorist activities at the planning stage.

Compensation promised for Ningxia bus arson victims' families

2016-01-11 17:22:48

The families of 17 victims who died in a suspected arson attack on a bus in northwest China will each get 750,000 yuan (about 114,000 U.S.dollars) compensation from the bus company, the local government announced on Monday.

Two-child China targeting better public services

2016-01-11 17:19:58

China is aiming to improve its maternal and child healthcare and household registration as it implements the two-child policy.

Two-child policy to curb looming worker shortage

2016-01-11 16:38:45

China's two-child policy is expected to lead to more than 30 million people joining the work force by 2050 helping curb a looming shortage, according to a senior family planning official.

Childbearing free for all still distant, says family planner

2016-01-11 16:31:16

China's family planning policy is a changing process that will last a long time, not just "20 or 30 years", said a senior family planning official.

New think tank for social protection launched

2016-01-11 16:18:43

A new think tank to enhance social protection was launched in Beijing on Monday.

Half of young Chinese date before age of 18

2016-01-11 16:11:19

Young Chinese begin dating and have their first sexual experience earlier than older generations but marry later, the Beijing News reported.

Xi'an holds first robot creative design contest

2016-01-11 14:03:30

The First National Robot Creative Design Contest was held on Sunday in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province, with 12 products competing for championship.

Chinese mainland tourists biggest spenders in Taiwan

2016-01-11 13:33:11

It is the first time that Chinese mainland tourists have taken the top spot since Taiwan opened up its tourism to visitors from Chinese mainland in 2008.