China builds Mongolian language corpus

2016-01-22 13:43:03

A Mongolian language database containing 80 million words has been launched, after ten years of collection and research, the Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences said.

China's urban unemployment rate steady at 4.05 pct

2016-01-22 11:38:02

The registered unemployment rate in Chinese cities held steady at 4.05 percent at the end of 2015, unchanged from three months earlier, official data showed Friday.

German ecologist helps relieve poverty in Sichuan

2016-01-22 11:20:57

A German expert has devoted 15 years of his prime to protecting ecology and helping locals plant cash crops to get out of poverty in the hometown of Chinese pandas.

Netizen backlash 'ugly' Spring Festival Gala mascot

2016-01-22 10:50:33

Since 1983 the annual Spring Festival Gala hosted by China Central Television has always been an important part of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration - no wonder every move organizers make becomes the center of attention.

Try, try and try again

2016-01-22 08:12:27

Once just a popular pastime for expats, rugby union, especially the sevens version, has shaken off its niche status to gain wider acceptance among young Chinese participants and sports bodies.

Changing perceptions crucial for success

2016-01-22 08:12:27

In 2006, when Jacob Taylor first came to China to learn Mandarin at Liaoning University in the northeast of the country, the Australian national had just one concern - where to play rugby, a sport with deep roots in his family.

Teacher finds fulfillment in the darkness

2016-01-22 08:12:27

Writer Liu Fang's first novel, about the life of a teacher at a rural school in the mountainous province of Guizhou in the 1990s, greatly resembles her own early years - before she lost her sight and struggled to find a full life in the darkness.

'Unhurried' Guizhou village makes NY Times list of places to visit

2016-01-22 09:20:27

On the afternoon of the last day of Chinese New Year, Yang Yuanju and her family make offerings to their ancestors at the 19-storey pagoda-shaped drum tower in the center of their village.

Restaurants busted for poppy seasoning

2016-01-22 08:12:27

Thirty-five restaurants selling popular dishes and snacks were found to have used opium poppies as a seasoning, China's top food safety regulator said on Thursday.

Wukong sharpens its eyes for dark matter

2016-01-22 08:12:27

Scientists have begun calibrating China's first dark matter probe in order to produce more accurate data, more than a month after the detector started to search for signals of the invisible material.

Cities reach out to shield homeless from dangerous cold

2016-01-22 08:12:27

With the strongest cold wave in decades headed across China, local governments are sending 24-hour patrols to the streets to help homeless people.

Power companies preparing response to winter challenges

2016-01-22 08:12:27

Electrical power companies are making emergency plans to meet rising demand, as a strong cold front is expected to roll across the nation in the coming days.