Life sentences for east China child traffickers

2015-12-18 10:37:09

A court in east China's Zhejiang Province has sentenced two members of a child-trafficking ring to life imprisonment and another five to prison terms of up to 10 years.

Chinese fugitive apprehended despite plastic surgery to avoid police

2015-12-18 10:22:26

Police in east China's Jiangxi Province said Thursday they had nabbed a fugitive in Thailand who received plastic surgery to evade police.

China's appetite for bird's nests allows smuggling to take flight

2015-12-18 10:19:53

As the cold, dry winds of winter rip through China, popularity of edible bird nests has taken off as people seek the supposed skin benefits from the lavish delicacy.

Older mother who lost only child delivers another baby

2015-12-18 09:36:50

Zhang Xifeng, 41, holds her new-born baby at a hospital in Huimin county, Binzhou of East China's Shandong province on Wednesday. Zhang delivered a baby after she lost her only child two years ago.

Death toll in NE China mine fire hits 17

2015-12-18 09:43:16

Another four miners have been confirmed dead, bringing the death toll in a mine fire in northeast China's Liaoning Province to 17 as of Friday morning, local authorities said.

Honesty offers promise of prosperity

2015-12-18 08:29:47

Except for a small plot of land and one shabby shed, farmer Chong Yushan owns no valuable property, nor does he have much cash flow.

Community bank aims to lift rural residents out of poverty

2015-12-18 08:29:47

Zhang Xiaochuan is really passionate about solving rural China's financial woes.

10 execs suspected of faking pollution data

2015-12-18 08:29:47

The Chinese police have detained 10 company heads suspected of fabricating pollution data, as the nation extends a crackdown on environment-related crimes.

Brickyard digs into ancient burial site for material

2015-12-18 08:29:47

An inspection was launched by archaeological authorities into a claim that an ancient tomb was threatened by the operations of a nearby brickyard in Xianyang, Shaanxi province.

Program to boost yields of less-fertile farmland

2015-12-18 08:29:47

Science and technology at center of effort to invigorate crop output in northern, eastern China

Beijing issues second smog 'red alert' this winter

2015-12-18 08:03:31

Beijing on Friday issued its second air pollution 'red alert,' the highest emergency response level, this winter.

Shenzhen leaps to top of efficiency list in 2 yrs

2015-12-18 07:40:45

Shenzhen makes great leaps in energy efficiency and environmental quality in the past two years, but Beijing loses ground, according to a study.