China rejects Dutch demands for stolen mummy's return

2015-12-10 21:39:24

Conditions set by a Dutch collector for the return of a mummified buddha believed stolen from an east China village in 1995 have been rejected by the villagers and a top legal academic.

China's working force better educated

2015-12-10 19:41:15

Chinese people of working age are becoming better educated, with 15.8 percent of them having received some form of higher education, said the Ministry of Education on Thursday.

China audit finds slow progress on Beijing's new airport project

2015-12-10 18:28:59

The construction of Beijing's new airport is behind schedule due to lagging land requisition and demolition work, the country's top auditing authority said on Thursday.

Beijing subsidiary admin center ready in 2017

2015-12-10 17:57:41

A subsidiary administrative center due to be built in suburban Tongzhou as part of plans to ease overcrowding in Beijing will be completed in 2017, the city's vice mayor said on Thursday.

Obese Chinese couple fight to lose 200 pounds for healthy baby

2015-12-10 17:45:58

A young Chinese couple, each weighing around 440 pounds, has caught national attention as they fight to lose weight in preparation for their first child.

Beijing lifts red alert but smog will be back in two days

2015-12-10 14:49:02

Beijing lifts its first red alert at noon as planned and the clean air is expected to last less than two days before air pollution comes back on Saturday.

China's trash town bans recycling outside park

2015-12-10 13:53:30

Guiyu, China's largest disposal center for electronic trash, on Thursday told all electronic recycling firms they must relocate to an industrial park so pollution can be managed.

Giant pandas brave the cold by settling in freezing north

2015-12-10 11:10:54

Two giant pandas Jia Jia and Meng Meng settled into the breeding base in June 2015 and will stay for three years for both public viewing and scientific research, where there is the farthest north a panda has resided for a long period in China.

Factories shuttered in smoggy industrial hub

2015-12-10 10:48:39

The northern Chinese industrial hub of Baoding, Hebei Province, ordered thousands of factories to suspend or limit production as it continued to choke under smog on Wednesday.

Long March-3C rocket carrying ChinaSat 1C satellite blasts off

2015-12-10 10:06:49

The satellite, developed by China Academy of Space Technology, will provide radio, TV transmission and broadband services for the country's radio stations, TV stations, radio transmitting stations and cable networks.

Psychiatrist links smog, depression

2015-12-10 07:59:07

Mental health experts want more research done on how periods of serious pollution can cause "the smog blues."

371 high-emitting companies slow or suspend production

2015-12-10 07:59:07

A total of 371 high-polluting chemical and construction enterprises in Beijing have slowed or suspended production amid the most serious smog in recent years.