Undergraduates brave cold for fledglings in nest

2015-12-05 13:29:28

Four undergraduates from East China's Anhui University chose not to close their dormitory's window to protect three fledglings nesting on the top rail of the window in the cold winter.

Learning from China’s lonely elders in the countryside

2015-12-05 03:53:12

Most of the older people in the rural Chinese village who the young Oxford University researcher hoped to talk to shared a look of nervousness and curiosity.

Parents hold off thoughts of having second child

2015-12-05 03:25:30

Although China had in October lifted its family-planning policy, not all parents are keen to have a second child, especially those who have learned to cherish the lifestyles they have come to adopt as a result of that 36-year-long restriction.

Preserving the bricks of heritage

2015-12-05 03:09:29

Shanghai authorities are mulling over the introduction of a business model to help solve the problems with funding and managing historical buildings in the city.

Residents of Shanghai top fitness rankings

2015-12-05 03:09:29

Shanghai may be renowned for being a cosmopolitan financial hub and effervescent party haven, but its residents evidently aren’t spending all their time in offices or clubs.

New breast cancer platform unveiled

2015-12-05 03:09:29

An integrated platform for breast cancer health management was recently launched in Shanghai and it will be able to boost the efficiency of treatments and provide patients with more convenience.

Championing Chinese literary works to readers across the globe

2015-12-05 03:09:29

The Shanghai municipal government recently kick-started a new initiative to improve the quality of translated works as well as promote the city’s publications and culture to overseas audiences.

A cubic sales formula

2015-12-05 03:09:29

Shanghai’s waning time-honored brands have literally been given a helping hand — in the form of a robotic arm within a cubic vending machine.

Beware the tiger

2015-12-05 03:09:29

When Chen Jiajing isn’t at work, she devotes all her time to her two sons, aged eight and four. She makes it a point to spend quality time with them, teaching them moral values and personally taking them to special interest classes.

Horses famous for speed and endurance to take part in Guangzhou event

2015-12-04 18:35:47

A group of Akhal-Teke horses, widely thought to be one of the oldest surviving horse breeds, will participate in an event in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, on Friday evening, according to the organizers.

High profile cases of women and children's rights violations released

2015-12-04 17:35:53

The All-China Women's Federation released 10 recent high profile cases about children's and women's rights protection on Friday, promoting public awareness of the rule of law to mark the country's second Constitution Day on Dec 4.