Report: Gov't to encourage farmers to buy homes in cities with excess inventory

2015-12-13 12:16:27

The top housing ministry is mulling measures, including financial subsidies, to encourage farmers and migrant workers to buy homes in smaller cities where unsold inventory is stockpiling, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Border defense soldiers attend training in heavy snow in Xinjiang

2015-12-13 07:08:10

Border defense soldiers attend training in heavy snow in Xinjiang

China busts online gun-selling rings

2015-12-12 22:16:45

Police in central China's Hubei Province have busted two criminal rings that sold guns online, local authorities announced on Saturday.

Police nab 12 people smugglers

2015-12-12 20:38:29

Chinese police have arrested 12 human traffickers they believe have smuggled 1,800 people out of China to countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Italy.

Chinese mourn Nanjing Massacre victims before Memorial Day

2015-12-12 14:41:51

China's National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims will fall on Sunday, Dec 13, 2015. The same day in 1937, Japanese troops captured Nanjing and started a slaughter that lasted more than 40 days.

Victims' memories 'witness to history'

2015-12-12 10:46:06

Thousands of Chinese people have visited the memorial dedicated to the Chinese "comfort women" of World War II, the first of its kind on the Chinese mainland opened to the public earlier this month in Nanjing.

Alibaba says it is buying the SCMP

2015-12-12 07:06:17

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd announced on Friday a full acquisition of the South China Morning Post-Hong Kong's oldest English-language newspaper-after months of speculation.

KFC to open first restaurant in Tibet

2015-12-12 08:04:18

Fast-food giant KFC is opening its first US-style fried chicken restaurant early next year in a shopping mall in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region.

Cathedral undergoing $4.6m face-lift

2015-12-12 07:10:15

St. Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai, once known as the grandest church in the Far East, is displacing its parishioners during the upcoming Christmas.

Comfort food for the soul

2015-12-12 04:29:13

Xiangxiang Chestnut, a tiny shop space selling roasted chestnuts, is situated in the same neighborhood as Angelina, an elegant Parisian tea house that advertises itself as the favorite cafe of the late Coco Chanel, as well as being the most authoritative patisserie for Mont Blanc, a pureed chestnut cake.

From the office to the ring

2015-12-12 04:01:03

For someone her age, Hilary Fan has already worn an unusual number of hats. Having taken to the catwalk as a part-time model, shaken and poured cocktails as a bartender, and embarked on a stint in finance and purchasing, the 21-year-old’s latest achievement involves an actual piece of head gear.

Dads taking the back seat in parenting

2015-12-12 01:22:52

Men are now less engaged with their children’s growth and education as compared to 10 years ago, according to results of a recent survey on family education in Shanghai.