Survivors share their stories from Shenzhen landslide

2015-12-20 20:04:33

Non-stop rain made it difficult for rescue workers after a fatal landslide hit an industrial park in Shenzhen's Guangming New District on Sunday morning.

Twenty-two still missing in Shenzhen landslide

2015-12-20 19:33:36

More than 900 people have escaped a fatal landslide in an industrial zone in Shenzhen.

Rescue work underway after fatal landslide hits buildings in Shenzhen

2015-12-20 18:33:34

Rescue work underway after fatal landslide hits buildings in Shenzhen

Locals concerned as children trapped in Shenzhen landslide

2015-12-20 17:29:42

On Sunday morning a landslide caused more than 20 buildings to collapse in an industrial park in Guangming New District, Shenzhen.

Landslide hits industrial park in Shenzhen, rescue work on

2015-12-20 15:58:32

A landslide hit an industrial park in Shenzhen city in South China's Guangdong province Sunday morning, crunching a building. Casualties are feared.

A landslide hits Shenzhen

2015-12-20 14:25:10

A landslide hits Honglang village on Dec 20 in Shenzhen.

Landslide crushes buildings in Shenzhen

2015-12-20 13:52:50

A landslide crushed many buildings beside a gas station in Shenzhen, East China's Guangdong province, Sunday morning, CCTV reported.

Armed police receive winter training in SW China

2015-12-20 09:17:45

Photo taken on Dec 18, 2015 shows that armed police receive winter training in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Beijing to start trials of regional bus pass

2015-12-19 19:46:50

Beijing public transit will pilot a new regional bus pass on 139 bus lines connecting the city with neighboring Tianjin municipality and Hebei Province starting next Friday.

Donor heart beats 7 hours after removal in E China

2015-12-19 18:03:05

A heart transplant in east China was successful even though the donor organ had stopped beating for seven hours after being removed from the donor.

Student killed in chemistry lab blast

2015-12-19 08:08:49

A postdoctoral student was killed by a chemical explosion in a laboratory at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Friday morning.

Religious venue list completed

2015-12-19 08:08:49

China has publicized basic information on all Buddhist monasteries and Taoist temples nationwide to enable public supervision of religious activities and prevent fraud perpetrated in the name of religion.