583 chemical works closed, relocated, corrected in Tianjin blast site

2016-01-18 14:03:35

A total of 85 enterprises working with hazardous chemicals in Binhai New Area of north China's Tianjin municipality will be closed or relocated after district safety checks concluded.

Cross-border drug ring busted in S China

2016-01-18 13:36:50

Police in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, which borders Vietnam, have captured two Vietnamese drug dealers and are hunting for another two accomplices.

Throw a flower ball to find Mr Right

2016-01-18 09:50:40

A foreign young lady in traditional Chinese wedding gowns, accompanied by an elderly Chinese lady, walks along a street in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province on January 17, 2016. Together with two other beauties, the young lady who dressed in phoenix coronets and robes of rank is on her way to attend a traditional Chinese ceremony known as "Find Mr. Right by throwing a flower ball," which is part of an ongoing cultural festival called "Love in Nanjing".

Hardworking couriers' new year hopes

2016-01-18 07:57:53

Couriers Li Junfeng and Zhou Kang have a lot of hopes and resolutions for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Experts mull introduction of tougher regulations on lab animal welfare

2016-01-18 09:18:06

China is formulating new rules to bring the nation into line with developed countries. Wang Xiaodong reports.

Companies acknowledge depth of public feeling

2016-01-18 09:18:06

Major Chinese airlines were among the first businesses to join the efforts to slow the trade in laboratory animals. Many have acknowledged the turning tide of global public opinion against the use of primates in experiments and now refuse to transport them.

Fujian vows to restore ecology, sustain GDP

2016-01-18 07:57:53

Restoration of the ecological system in Fujian province needs to be further strengthened in 2016 while maintaining a high GDP growth rate, officials at the provincial People's Congress said on Friday.

Steel plants told to relocate

2016-01-18 07:57:53

A steel plant has been ordered to move out of Shijiazhuang, capital of North China's Hebei province, within the next two years to cut pollution in one of the nation's 10 most-polluted cities.

Experts mull introduction of tougher regulations on lab animal welfare

2016-01-18 02:40:05

Leading experts are working on a revision to a national regulation on the management of laboratory animals, which is expected to greatly improve the management and protection of the animals.

'We have a responsibility to be kind' to lab animals: Expert

2016-01-17 18:24:34

In a serene garden on the outskirts of Shanghai, stands a special memorial that bears a plaque in both Chinese and English that reads: "Dedicated to the memory of the laboratory animals that devoted themselves to biomedical science".

Competition launched to encourage innovation in big data business

2016-01-17 17:38:11

A big data business model contest was launched in Beijing on Sunday to encourage innovation in electronic information.

Global women to peer coach each other

2016-01-17 14:47:55

Under the witness of excellent women flying from other cities in China and even overseas, the women’s peer coaching program, the Fulfilled Self, has just celebrated the graduation of seven women from its second round training last evening in Beijing.