27 missing after landslide hits Shenzhen

2015-12-21 08:32:16

At least 27 people were missing in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, after a landslide hit an industrial park on Sunday morning.

China prosecutors file lawsuit against environmental department

2015-12-21 21:57:27

Prosecutors in east China's Shandong Province have lodged a lawsuit against a county-level environmental protection department in the first ever prosecutors vs. administration public interest case, according to the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP).

China mulls law amendment to allow 'one couple, two children'

2015-12-21 21:54:54

All couples have been encouraged to have two children, and couples who have two children can enjoy longer maternity leave, according to a draft.

Shanghai successful in new foreign visa policy

2015-12-21 21:13:23

In July, the Shanghai municipal government loosened visa policies to attract foreign talents. In the past five months, it's received positive results with many more expats obtaining permanent residences.

China doctors conduct 'animal-human' cornea transplant

2015-12-21 21:12:52

Shandong Eye Institute, east China, announced Monday the successful transplant of a bio-engineered pig cornea into a human eye in late September.

Strong signal of life detected in landslide zone

2015-12-21 19:34:56

Rescue workers are still racing against the clock to find more survivors after strong signals of life have been detected at a fatal landslide site in Shenzhen.

Ministry of Educations reminds education departments of safety

2015-12-21 17:21:14

The Ministry of Education released a notice on its website Monday, asking all education departments and schools across China to conduct a campus overhaul to eliminate possible trouble that might be brought by chemicals.

Beijing's building-collapse case: 15 sent to prison

2015-12-21 14:39:24

Fifteen were given prison terms ranging from three to six years for causing a building to collapse that left 10 dead and four injured by a Beijing court on Monday.

Draft amendment plans to ban surrogacy

2015-12-21 14:15:50

The State Council proposed amendment to national law will also forbid buying or selling of sperm, eggs, fertilized eggs and embryo.

Internet giants that caught Xi's attention at Wuzhen

2015-12-21 12:15:40

During the Second World Internet Conference that concluded in Wuzhen on last Friday, President Xi Jinping showed up in person and delivered a keynote speech, a proof of the unprecedented attention the government gives to the development of Internet in China.

China to reform legal profession qualification system

2015-12-21 12:03:02

Chinese authorities have pledged reforms to the country's qualification system for those who want to enter the legal profession.

Beijing chokes under red alert smog once again

2015-12-21 10:40:16

Beijing was enveloped in eye-watering, throat-irritating smog as the second red alert of the month went into effect in the Chinese capital on Saturday, forcing many cars off the roads and restricting factory production.