Winter athletes desperate to impress on home soil

2016-01-08 14:21:30

As the festive atmosphere of New Year's holiday wafted around the city of Urumqi, the sight of speedskater Rehanbai Talabuhan skimming across the ice at a suburban rink, making circle after circle, was truly impressive.

Freezing, but fun

2016-01-08 14:21:30

Winter can be tough in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. For some people, the freezing temperatures and heavy snowfalls mean it's just a time to be endured, but for those flocking to sports venues across the region, child-ren especially, winter isn't long enough.

Xinjiang keen to showcase high ambitions

2016-01-08 14:21:30

Boasting ideal natural conditions and a welter of preparations, the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is gearing up to host the 13th National Winter Games, and help to promote winter sports across the country.

China video streaming execs stand trial for pornography

2016-01-08 23:07:27

Four executives of Chinese online video service Qvod stood trial on Thursday and Friday in Beijing, charged with spreading pornography for profit.

Chinese police seize 470 suspects in transnational telecom fraud

2016-01-08 21:17:48

Chinese police have recently busted a cross-border telecom fraud gang and seized 470 suspects through collaboration with Lao police.

Identities of 17 victims confirmed in NW China bus fire

2016-01-08 15:14:58

The identities of 17 victims have been confirmed in a bus fire caused by arson in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, according to local authorities.

Second-child policy to bring Beijing 580,000 newborns

2016-01-08 13:58:43

The policy allowing all couples to have a second child is expected to raise Beijing’s population by580,000 between 2017 and 2021, local authorities estimated.

Chaoyang district to clean 11 rivers this year

2016-01-08 13:32:45

Beijing's Chaoyang district will be working to clean the foul-smelling waters of its 11 rivers by removing trash and establishing wetlands to filter the water, according to a media report.

Number of giant pandas in China reaches 422

2016-01-08 11:52:32

China now has 422 giant pandas bred and living in captivity with a survival rate of about 88 percent.

Consumers have no beef with meat

2016-01-08 07:56:40

China is the world's biggest consumer of pork - accounting for about half of global consumption every year - and processed meats.

Pair bonds in helping others

2016-01-08 07:56:40

Love blossomed for Li Shuai and Yang Kai in a special mix of caring, kindness and sacrifice.

Kidnapped girl saved after swiftaction by the police

2016-01-08 07:56:40

A 5-year-old girl was successfully rescued 56 hours after being kidnapped.