Shanghai caps 2020 population at 25 million

2015-12-24 16:09:47

Shanghai plans to cap its population at 25 million in 2020, according to the city's five-year plan unveiled on Wednesday.

Lung cancer is on quick rise in China

2015-12-21 16:07:53

By the year 2025, China is expected to have one million lung cancer patients and one Chinese would die from the disease each minute, warned senior respiratory disease specialists.

China's central bank to continue financial support for Tibet

2015-12-24 11:06:36

China will continue preferential financial policies to support Tibet for the next five years, according to the central bank on Wednesday.

Chinese TV station "employs robot" as weather reporter

2015-12-24 11:04:34

Shanghai Dragon TV has "employed" an artificial intelligence (AI) robot as a weather reporter on its live breakfast show.

Passions may warm for winter sports

2015-12-24 07:53:44

China's sports minister believes the increasing passion for winter sports from people in western and southern areas will provide a big economic boost.

A new life off the water

2015-12-24 07:53:44

Lianjiachuan, meaning home on a boat, is a type of residential cargo boat that was once common in China's southeast coastal areas.

Before and after photos of Shenzhen landslide

2015-12-24 08:51:54

National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (NASG) on Wednesday published three-dimensional images of the landslide that hit an industrial park in South China's Shenzhen city.

Heavy smog affects over 50 Chinese cities

2015-12-24 08:13:59

China's environmental authority reported that 50 cities, including Beijing and Tianjin, were subject to heavy smog on Wednesday.

More Chinese cities on high smog alert

2015-12-24 08:13:59

Roughly 50 cities in northern and eastern China have issued air pollution alerts in the most recent bout of smog.

Blacklist to record bad behavior by tourists

2015-12-24 07:45:28

Tourists who behave badly and threaten security at the Beijing airport will be placed on record, which could affect their future travel plans.

Bid to change family planning law stirs debate

2015-12-24 07:38:26

Debate is raging over a draft amendment to China's population and family planning law following the government decision to drop the one-child policy.

Bottled air breeds hot air in smoggy China

2015-12-24 06:55:11

China's smog has made masks and air purifiers the hottest of commodities. Now, a new product is getting all the attention: bottled air.