Temporary pet care poses some hitches

2016-02-17 03:25:33

With more urban residents keeping pets, it has become a common practice among pet owners to send their pets to temporary care centers while they are away on vacation, for example during the Spring Festival holiday.

S China trade hub steps up inbound Zika checks

2016-02-17 00:38:45

At Baiyun International Airport in south China's Guangzhou, four infrared devices on the ceiling read body temperatures, sending signals to a nearby monitor.

Beijing police bust 3 bln yuan tax fraud

2016-02-16 23:43:27

Beijing police have busted a tax fraud case involving more than three billion yuan (around $460 million dollars) and 1,500 firms across 29 provinces and cities.

Thousands of kids fall ill with the flu in Beijing

2016-02-16 17:42:08

The hospital received over 10,000 emergency visits on its first working day after Spring Festival.

Elderly woman survives being trapped in abandoned well for 9 days

2016-02-16 17:14:34

A 63-year-old woman from China's southwest Sichuan province miraculously survived being trapped in a 10-meter-deep dry well for 9 days by chewing on tree bark and drinking urine, Chengdu Business Daily reported Monday.

Chinese scientists invent leak detection system for moon exploration

2016-02-16 17:14:19

Chinese scientists have developed a system to measure the leak rate for a vacuum environment which will be used in the country's third step moon exploration program.

New city to be established in China's Tibet

2016-02-16 16:43:22

China's State Council, or the cabinet, has approved the application of Shannan in Tibet Autonomous Region to become the fifth prefecture-level city in the region, local authorities announced on Tuesday.

Majority of people believe Chinese culture appealing globally: survey

2016-02-16 16:31:50

About 74 percent of Chinese people are confident the country's culture will be globally popular, a survey has showed.

Drifters chasing dreams in 'Porcelain Capital'

2016-02-16 15:05:33

Near Jingdezhen's bustling Lianshe Road, Hu Weiping crams into his tiny studio and toils for hours bringing bland china vases to life with delicately painted landscapes.

Couple honored for helping lost children find home

2016-02-16 15:05:12

A couple in Northeast China's Jilin province was awarded a good Samaritan award for helping more than 1,400 people find their lost family members in the past nine years.

Harbin customer carps on 'fishy' restaurant tab

2016-02-16 14:58:33

During Spring Festival, a tourist complained online that a restaurant in Harbin, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, padded the bill and the staff became aggressive when they argued.

Chinese military sets up corruption hotline

2016-02-16 13:38:37

The Chinese military has set up a hotline and a mailbox for people to report corruption and other misconduct, according to the Discipline Inspection Commission under the Central Military Commission.