Meeting Confucius in modern times

2016-01-15 07:59:41

"It is as though a descendant of Jesus Christ has just walked out on stage", a colleague of mine whispered loudly and all too irreverently in my ear.

Scientists make advance in battle against Ebola

2016-01-15 07:59:41

Chinese scientists have contributed to a new breakthrough in the fight against the Ebola virus after the deadly outbreak in West Africa in March 2014.

Record numbers leaving mainland during Spring Festival

2016-01-15 07:44:53

Major tourism destinations are expected to see nearly six million visits by Chinese tourists, possibly the highest number on record.

China 'needs to cash in' on lottery craze

2016-01-15 03:48:24

The government should introduce more kinds of lotteries and ease the buying process to take advantage of the growing demand, says industry.

Two men sentenced to month of detention for exam cheating

2016-01-15 00:30:21

A court in Beijing on Thursday sentenced two men to one month in detention for cheating on graduate school entrance exams after China made it a criminal offense last year.

Death toll rises to 10 in fireworks plant explosion

2016-01-14 22:37:13

The death toll has risen to 10 in an explosion at a fireworks plant in Central China's Henan province.

Chinese most optimistic in the world, reveals global survey

2016-01-14 21:15:41

Chinese people are almost twice as optimistic about the world as those from other countries, according to a recent survey.

Monkey stamps may be investors' next gold mine

2016-01-14 18:53:11

China's newly issued Lunar New Year monkey stamps are becoming a surprise hit for disappointed investors amid unstable gloomy markets.

Traditional Chinese medicine hospitals growing

2016-01-14 17:15:37

The number of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospitals in China has increased by 500 in five years, a rise of 15.5 percent, a TCM official said on Thursday.

China working to register 'black' citizens

2016-01-14 17:02:35

China is on a drive to register all its citizens, including those born illegally under the one-child policy, so they qualify for the "hukou" papers that allow access to social welfare.

China to improve water conservation in 2016-2020: Minister

2016-01-14 16:27:57

China will push forward water conservation projects over the next five years to boost investment and stabilize growth, the water resources minister told Xinhua.

Explosion rocks central China fireworks plant, casualties unknown

2016-01-14 14:30:58

An explosion rocked a fireworks plant in central China's Henan Province at about 11 a.m. Thursday. Casualties are not immediately known.