Experts weigh in on China's economic slowdown

2016-01-22 23:31:55

One of the ways to stabilize China's current economic situation would be to implement a more proactive fiscal policy to help the market revive confidence, according to HSBC economists.

Standing out from the crowd

2016-01-22 23:17:59

Despite an over-saturated commercial property market, Citic Capital is confident that it can attract the crowds with its new glitzy shopping mall that it says will be accessible and affordable to all

Bazaar lures visitors with promise of good food, fun and deals on livestock

2016-01-22 23:17:59

Bazaars are commonplace in the urban and rural areas of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Star Wars in China sputters in week two

2016-01-22 12:44:21

The long-awaited new installment of Star Wars may not be the blockbuster at the Chinese box office that analysts expected.

Affiliate of Visual China Group acquires assets of Corbis Images

2016-01-22 21:23:16

Corbis and Visual China Group ("VCG"; Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 000681.SZ) today jointly announced that Unity Glory International Ltd. ("Unity Glory"), an affiliate of VCG owned by VCG's major shareholders, has acquired the assets and brands of Corbis' Images division, one of the world's leading image archives and content licensing businesses.

Beijing considering halving winter car use to cut smog

2016-01-22 18:56:39

Beijing lawmakers are considering measures to keep half the city's cars off the roads during the coldest months of the year, when coal-fired municipal heating tends to cause a lot of smog.

Record-breaking cold freezes 90 percent of China

2016-01-22 16:18:46

As a record-breaking strong cold wave sweeps 90 percent of China from north to south, many highways are closed and airport traffic disrupted.

In Hebei, workers’ way blocked by snow

2016-01-22 15:38:49

In Hebei, workers’ way blocked by snow

Chinese student shot to fame in Iran for role in TV series

2016-01-22 15:14:25

A female Chinese student studying in Iran became well-known across the country after recently playing a role in Iran's top TV series The Capital.

China's warmest region not immune to cold snap

2016-01-22 14:42:06

Not even the southernmost tropical island of Hainan will escape the cold front sweeping across most of China,according to the local meteorological authority.

Whistleblower wears Spider-man mask to receive $68,000 award

2016-01-22 14:07:52

Informant wore a Spiderman mask to receive a biggest-ever $68,400 reward in Guangdong province for tipping off an international drug ring.

Beijing shut down over 1,000 factories over past 5 years

2016-01-22 13:43:26

Beijing has closed 1,006 manufacturing and polluting enterprises over the past five years, the municipal government revealed Friday.