Struggling golf courses urged to reduce fees

2016-02-02 08:05:52

Golf courses are struggling financially in a new era of frugality, yet few are attempting to make the sport more affordable or improve services that would attract tourists and overseas enthusiasts.

Maritime militia increases drills, expands in scope

2016-02-02 08:05:52

As the People's Liberation Army upgrades its navy, commissioning dozens of new ships under a watchful global eye, a less noticed force, China's maritime militia, is also improving its operational capability.

Hainan looks to boost visitor numbers

2016-02-02 08:05:52

Hainan province, with its warm climate, tropical forests and natural beauty, aims to remake itself as a global tourism destination by the end of the decade.

Police to combat bad guides, fraud

2016-02-02 08:05:52

Five new police units will be formed in Southwest China's Yunnan province to combat fraudsters, con artists and other criminals targeting tourists.

Long journey home for salary-battle staff

2016-02-02 08:05:52

Lyu Qingfa was making his 16th trip to Tonghua, Jilin pro-vince, in two years to demand wages held in arrears for him and his employees.

2 Husi branches fined for scandal

2016-02-02 08:05:52

Husi Food Co's Shanghai and Hebei branches, which were found to have supplied products with substandard meat to fast food chains, were fined 1.2 million yuan ($182,000) each by a Shanghai court on Monday.

Tough rules will cut marine pollution

2016-02-02 08:05:21

China has finalized a plan setting tough fuel standards for large ships in an effort to slash marine emissions, the Ministry of Transport said on Monday.

Excessive emissions a big problem in 59 cities

2016-02-02 08:05:21

The national environmental authority found severely excessive pollution emissions during inspections of 648 companies in 59 cities in December, and it promised tougher punishment this year under a newly enacted air pollution control law.

Thousands of stranded travelers queue to enter Guangzhou Railway Station

2016-02-02 08:56:24

Thousands of travelers are stranded at Guangzhou Railway Station in South China's Guangdong province after rare snow in central and eastern Chinese provinces delayed train services, Feb 1, 2016.

Millions of ethnic people bedeviled by a dot in names

2016-02-02 07:47:30

Inconsistencies in the way a punctuation mark is used in official documents is increasingly hampering the efforts of some members of China's ethnic groups as they struggle to engage with e-commerce and mobile banking systems.

Teen calls for educational reform at political meeting

2016-02-02 03:56:03

A 14-year-old student from Shen-zhen suggested that the government should step up educational reform when he took part in the annual meeting of the local political advisory body.

Man wrongfully jailed released after 23 years

2016-02-02 03:36:39

A man wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years in China was declared innocent due to insufficient evidence and was released in Hainan province.