Congress to extend EB-5 visa program

2015-12-17 12:38:38

Congress is poised to extend the EB-5 visa program until Sept 30, 2016, without any changes as part of a $1.14 trillion spending bill scheduled for consideration by the US House of Representatives on Friday.

Panda cub Bei Bei near debut

2015-12-17 12:38:38

Bei Bei, the National Zoo's giant panda cub who was named by two first ladies - Peng Liyuan of China and Michelle Obama of the US - will be ready to meet visitors on Jan 16, 2016.

Nippon Paint invites artists to add new shade to local culture

2015-12-17 21:43:40

In its corporate social responsibility project launched on Dec 15, Nippon Paint China looks to bring art and color into local culture in China as well as other Asian areas through wall paintings.

Life sentences for east China child traffickers

2015-12-17 20:03:04

A court in east China's Zhejiang province has sentenced two members of a child-trafficking ring to life imprisonment and another five to prison terms of up to 10 years.

Internet brings hope to film industry: Filmmaker

2015-12-17 18:58:27

The development of Internet has boosted the prosperity of the film industry, a filmmaker said during the ongoing World Internet Conference on Thursday.

Dandong-Dalian express railway hits the tracks

2015-12-17 19:00:12

The first coastal express railway in Northeast China, the Danda Railway, linking Dandong and Dalian in Liaoning province, was officially put into use on Thursday.

Year's worst smog coming to north China

2015-12-17 18:42:51

Some parts of north China will see the worst smog so far this year from Saturday, the official forecaster said on Thursday.

New Qatar consulate in Guangzhou supports increased trade, investment

2015-12-17 17:48:21

South China presents a large market for Qatar, especially in the energy sector, and trade between the two is poised to grow significantly, according to the new consul general for Qatar in Guangzhou.

Beijing tries all-in-one transport card in a single day trial

2015-12-17 17:10:22

Beijing will try out an all-in-one card for regional public transport on 139 bus lines on Sunday, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport said.

Mobile devices have changed the way people watch video programs

2015-12-17 16:44:57

Mobile devices have changed the way how films and television programs are created and presented in front of the audience, said Chris D. Nebe, CEO of Monarex Hollywood and director of "Mysterious China" at a sub forum in Wuzhen on Thursday.

Tourism conference theme song seeks English version

2015-12-17 15:55:58

The first World Tourism Development Conference, co-sponsored by the Chinese government and the United Nations World Tourism Organization, will be held from May 18-21, 2016 in Beijing.