Center of attention

2016-01-27 08:22:31

When he received the ownership certificate for his new home, Wang Lin took a long, deep breath of relief; the six-month struggle to sell his old apartment and buy a new one had finally come to an end.

Villagers make sweet potato vermicelli in China's Guangxi

2016-01-27 09:28:47

A villager prepares sweet potato vermicelli in Xinjie township, Guanyang county, Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Jan 26, 2016.

Center of attention

2016-01-27 08:22:31

Many of Beijing's upwardly mobile suburban residents are taking advantage of cuts in interest rates and down payment requirements to move closer to the city's downtown area. Hu Yongqi reports.

More funds to improve air quality

2016-01-27 08:22:31

The city of Beijing will cut the level of PM2.5 in the air by 5 percent this year, and will allocate more funds for projects to reduce emissions, an environmental official said.

City's smelly waterways set to be cleaned by 2018

2016-01-27 08:22:31

All smelly and polluted rivers and waterways in Beijing will be cleaned up with the help of recycled water in three years, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Spring Festival celebrations to light up 6 continents

2016-01-27 08:22:31

More than 2,000 events, including concerts, film screenings, parades and exhibitions, are set to be held in more than 140 countries across the world to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, which falls on Feb 8.

Holiday ritual offers a touch of home

2016-01-27 08:22:31

As Christmas is to Westerners, Chinese New Year - the first day of the first lunar month - is regarded as the most important festival in China.

Families of expats can stay longer

2016-01-27 08:26:26

Foreign family members of Chinese citizens will be eligible for a two-year residency permit in Beijing based on a family visit visa.

Sea ice traps boats as cold wave sweeps across East China

2016-01-27 08:04:51

Sea ice traps boats as cold wave sweeps across East China

Seniors safeguarded against children’s financial demands

2016-01-27 03:41:07

A new law in Anhui province aims to prevent adult children from relying on their unwilling parents for endless financial support.

Hainan goals: GDP growth, poverty alleviation

2016-01-26 18:09:26

Hainan province outlined its economic and social development goals for 2016, including GDP growth of nearly 8 percent and poverty alleviation for 180,000 rural residents.

Beijing residency extended for foreign family of Chinese citizens

2016-01-26 18:06:38

Foreign family members of Chinese citizens are eligible for two-year residence permits in Beijing via a family visit visa.