Chinese media runs news page in Laos for the first time

2015-12-25 09:24:50

As the first Chinese media to publish news page in Laos, Yunnan Daily Press Group(YDPG), the most influential media company in Southwest China's Yunnan Province,signed an agreement with Lao daily English newspaper Vientiane Times on Wednesday, to jointly run China·Yunnan as a supplement to Vientiane Times every Friday.

Ex-media executive jailed 4 years for extortion

2015-12-25 08:01:41

A high-profile former media executive was sentenced by a Shanghai court on Thursday to four years in prison for blackmailing companies by threatening negative coverage and forcing financial transactions.

Shanghai's population growth subsides

2015-12-25 08:01:41

Multiple measures implemented since last year intended to curb a rapid rise in Shanghai's population have been effective, and the city's population growth will plateau in the coming few years, experts said.

Landslide recovery appraisal underway

2015-12-25 08:01:09

Tian Zeming, the only known survivor so far of Sunday's huge landslide in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, was recovering on Thursday after three hours of surgery, but 75 people were still missing.

Customs hits hard at plant, animal smugglers

2015-12-25 08:01:09

China seized 358 metric tons of endangered plants and animal parts, including ivory and rhinoceros horns, in 160 cases between January and November, up 7 percent year-on-year, the General Administration of Customs said on Thursday.

75 still missing as rescue continues at landslide site

2015-12-25 08:51:22

More than 5,000 rescuers with over 700 excavators and bulldozers are still searching through rubble for signs of life following Sunday's landslide at an industrial park in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, local authorities said Thursday.

Smog persists in Beijing

2015-12-25 08:49:30

Even though Beijing has lifted the red alert for severe pollution, the capital city will remain in haze for a few more days.

Downturn adds to salary woes of migrant workers

2015-12-25 08:06:37

Cases of salary cuts or pay defaults involving migrant workers increased by 34 percent in the first three quarters, partly due to the ongoing economic downturn.

Shanghai's population growth subsides

2015-12-25 07:58:53

Measures to curb a rapid rise in Shanghai's population have been effective, and the city's population growth will plateau in the coming few years.

200 more air routes on the way in 2016

2015-12-25 07:50:32

China will add at least 200 international air routes next year, a senior aviation official said on Thursday.

China's top scientific achievements in 2015

2015-12-25 07:14:31

The year 2015 witnessed some major breakthroughs by Chinese people in science, such as winning China's first Nobel Prize and rolling out the first large-scale domestically manufactured passenger airplane.

More than money: Employees in China demand cleaner office air

2015-12-25 07:08:42

It's not only about salaries and career prospects - many companies in China have found they need to offer cleaner air within their offices to lure and retain staff.