Life in smoggy Beijing amid red alert

2015-12-08 10:33:50

The capital has issued its first-ever red alert for smog on Monday, which will last from 7:00 a.m. Tuesday to 12:00 pm Thursday.

China reinforces quick response measures for smog

2015-12-08 13:26:45

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has ordered reinforced measures against the smog while lauding the prompt response in the hazy capital.

Think all Chinese dama do is dance, buy gold? Think again

2015-12-08 12:46:43

When we talk about Chinese Dama, middle-aged women, we often think about them square dancing wearing weird clothes or snapping up gold, but not all fit the stereotypes.

Tibet world's largest winter habitat for black-necked cranes

2015-12-08 11:22:04

Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region has become the world's largest winter habitat for a critically endangered crane, thanks to enhanced conservation efforts and public awareness.

180-million-year dinosaur fossils excavated in Yunnan

2015-12-08 11:09:31

Chinese archeologists excavated fossils of dinosaurs which lived 180 million years ago in Lufeng county in Southwest China's Yunnan province.

China's beauty by rail

2015-12-08 10:09:03

China's Beauty by rail.

Mayors and students focus on urban environment issues

2015-12-08 09:33:45

The urban environment was a key topic of discussion between mayors and student would-be mayors at a competition in Beijing on Sunday.

Drug bust snags large amounts of meth

2015-12-08 07:47:31

Police lay in wait in thick grass for more than 30 hours before raiding a secret drug lab in a forested area of Ruyuan county, Guangdong province, late last month.

131 elected members of top science academies

2015-12-08 07:47:31

Scientists from innovative enterprises have been awarded the highest honor of the Chinese science community, representing new research directions in 3D printing, big data and next-generation Internet.

Survey: Workers seek balance with life outside

2015-12-08 07:47:31

Chinese workers, sometimes viewed as busy bees, are attaching more importance to balancing employment with life outside the workplace, a recent survey showed.

Banks probed for fake vouchers

2015-12-08 07:47:31

Several employees of rural credit cooperatives in Shandong province have been placed under investigation by local police on suspicion of forging deposit vouchers amounting to 150 million yuan ($23.4 million), media reported on Monday.

Chinese children find new life in US

2015-12-08 07:47:31

Since China opened its doors to the overseas adoption of Chinese children in 1992, about 100,000 children have been taken in by US families.