China's longest tunnel under lake open to traffic

2015-12-29 07:15:46

The Donghu Lake tunnel, China's longest tunnel under a lake, was open to traffic on Monday. A car could run through the 10.6-kilometer-long tunnel in around 15 minutes.

Education ministry seeks police help in test paper leaking case

2015-12-29 14:20:21

China's educational authorities said it had asked police for assistance in investigating the leaking of papers of national postgraduate exams.

Desertification in China reversed over past decade

2015-12-29 13:38:31

China has experienced less serious desertification over the past decade with data revealing that desertified areas have been shrinking, the forestry authority said on Tuesday.

China provides over 140 billion yuan to low-income groups

2015-12-29 10:02:50

China has provided more than 140 billion yuan ($21.6 billion) to low-income residents over the past 11 months, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) on Monday.

North China on yellow alert for smoggy weather

2015-12-29 09:27:24

China's weather observatory issued an yellow alert on Tuesday morning for smog in the north of the country that will linger until Wednesday.

Ascent of sacred mountains acts as a new form of worship

2015-12-29 08:15:38

Most Tibetans regard high, snow-capped mountains as sacred and they have long tradition of honoring them by making religious offerings or circling the base on foot.

School for mountaineering builds home-grown expedition expertise

2015-12-29 08:15:38

Company founder promotes region as center of Himalayan culture and outdoor sports paradise

Top female rock climber wins gold, again and again

2015-12-29 08:15:38

One of China's most accomplished athletes, a 26-year-old Tibetan woman with dozens of gold medals, is poised to elevate the nation's standing in a growing global sport: rock climbing.

Refugees look to end life in limbo

2015-12-29 08:15:38

The UNHCR says about 800 displaced people are living in China while they await resettlement in another country. However, while they are grateful for the assistance they have received, many say they feel helpless and despondent, as Cui Jia reports.

Drug production network busted

2015-12-29 08:15:38

Alleged kingpin had advanced education from a prestigious Chinese university, police say

Ex-urban official falls to his death

2015-12-29 08:15:38

The former head of the urban management bureau of Guangming New District in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, reportedly fell to his death in the city on Sunday night.

Actress Zhang Ziyi gives birth to a daughter

2015-12-29 08:15:38

Actress Zhang Ziyi is officially a mother.