Struggles of a Shanxi coal mine owner in bleak industry winter

2016-01-20 11:00:56

Athe national economic slowdown led to a slump in coal demand and prices since 2012, the coal industry has been experiencing a long winter and Chen's coal mine is facing the threat of shutting down.

Braving the bitter cold for better health

2016-01-20 10:24:19

10 winter swimming enthusiasts laugh and smile during a cold tolerance challenge at a ski resort in Changsha, central China's Hunan province, Jan 19, 2016

Beijing sees slower population growth

2016-01-20 10:04:57

The permanent population of China's capital of Beijing was 21.7 million by the end of 2015, close to the whole of Australia, despite it being the slowest growth in years, according to official data.

Those who defy biting cold

2016-01-20 08:26:43

Working-age population sees biggest drop in modern history

2016-01-20 07:55:47

Defined as people between 16 to 60, the working-age population fell by a record 4.87 million to 911 million, sharper than 2014's fall of 3.71 million.

Biting storms to chill southern regions

2016-01-20 07:33:10

China's vast southern regions are expected to experience cold weather until Saturday, but the weather will not likely disrupt transportation.

Scores held, 15 infants freed as crime ring busted

2016-01-20 05:18:05

Police in Sichuan province have cracked a major crime ring and arrested 78 suspected infant-traffickers, authorities said on Tuesday.

Group endangering China's national security busted

2016-01-19 21:49:22

State security organs and public security departments have busted an illegal group which attempted to endanger China's national security in the name of defending human rights.

China attracts 3 mln overseas talents in the past five years

2016-01-19 20:32:59

China attracted some 3 million foreign experts during the five-year period from 2011 to 2015, an official said in Beijing on Tuesday.

Chinese police seize 53 telecom fraud suspects

2016-01-19 19:43:04

Chinese police have seized 53 suspects for telecom fraud involving more than 10 million yuan ($1.6 million dollars), police from Northwest China's Shaanxi province said Tuesday at a press conference.

Report quantifies pollution of China's 245.77m vehicles

2016-01-19 18:35:14

Vehicles across China emitted over 45 million tonnes of pollutants in 2014, a dip of 0.5 percent from a year earlier, according to an annual report on vehicle pollution.

Tibet earmarks 200 bln yuan to build roads

2016-01-19 18:33:55

Tibet autonomous region in southwest China will spend 238.8 billion yuan (about $37 billion) to build roads in order to improve transportation by 2020.