Beijing looks to cure its medical malaise

2015-12-09 07:52:42

Beijing's emergency medical services will be subject to stricter regulation and greater scrutiny if a draft proposal currently being reviewed by the Beijing People's Congress becomes law.

Debate flares as smog lingers

2015-12-09 07:51:50

Heated debate raged among Chinese experts on Wednesday over why severe pollution is being seen more frequently in China.

Factories shuttered in smoggy industrial hub

2015-12-09 22:23:36

The northern Chinese industrial hub of Baoding, Hebei Province, ordered thousands of factories to suspend or limit production as it continued to choke under smog on Wednesday.

Terror rumormonger detained in Central China

2015-12-09 22:10:00

Chinese police have detained a college student in Central China's Henan province for spreading rumors about terrorist strikes on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization prime ministers' meeting in the province next week.

Red alert cuts Beijing emissions by 30%

2015-12-09 22:06:47

Emergency measures cut pollutant emissions in Beijing by 30 percent between the start and late afternoon of Tuesday, day one of the city's first red alert for smog, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

China to register unregistered citizens

2015-12-09 21:19:56

China will provide unregistered citizens with household registration permits, a crucial document entitling them to social welfare, according to a high-level reform meeting.

Medical insurance merger approved for urban, rural equality

2015-12-09 21:29:01

Senior Chinese officials have approved a document to merge China's two medical insurance schemes for urban and rural residents in a bid to guarantee equal access to basic healthcare.

Over-polluting vehicles phased out ahead of schedule

2015-12-09 21:19:19

China has phased out more than 1.17 million vehicles registered pre-2005 a month ahead of schedule, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Wednesday.

5 missing after S China fishing boat collision

2015-12-09 21:05:46

Five people remain missing off the coast of South China's Guangdong province after a collision between two fishing boats on Monday night.

Latest finding seals ownership of 2,000-yr-old Chinese tomb

2015-12-09 20:27:06

Several ancient cauldrons have been found in the tomb of the Marquis of Haihun, confirming beliefs the tomb belongs to a deposed emperor from the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24 AD),archaeologists announced on Wednesday.

China's draft law allows public libraries to be named after donators

2015-12-09 20:11:39

China is crafting a law to allow its public libraries to be named after their donators, according to a draft released on Wednesday.

National parks for pandas planned in China

2015-12-09 20:06:07

China's rapidly aging population has limited impact on its economy as future growth will come more from productivity gains rather than population dividend, the World Bank said Wednesday.