Shanghai bans drug-using actors, drivers

2015-12-31 09:33:49

Lawmakers in Shanghai on Wednesday passed new regulations banning works of drug-using actors and prohibiting drivers addicted to drugs from the road.

NASA reveals entire alphabet but F in satellite images

2015-12-31 07:57:11

NASA revealing entire alphabet in satellite images.

Yearender: Predictions for 2016 through 20 questions

2015-12-31 07:53:24

As a new year approaches, China Daily invited researchers and experts to share their thoughts on twenty major issues that are expected to have an impact in 2016.

Top planner targets 40% cut in PM2.5 for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster

2015-12-31 06:55:03

A 40 percent drop in PM2.5 by 2020 from the average level in 2013 has been targeted for the heavily polluted Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster.

No new year's celebration in Shanghai one year after stampede

2015-12-31 06:41:37

One year after a tragic stampede claimed 36 lives, the Shanghai authorities cancels all new year's celebrations in the city's major tourist attractions.

Yearender: Ten most talked-about newsmakers in 2015

2015-12-31 06:36:15

Some noticeable figures made the year 2015 truly special. From high-ranking officials to sports stars, from prize winners to environmentalist, let's trace their ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

Paintings on den walls appeal to zoo visitors

2015-12-30 21:34:01

Two red-crowned cranes are having lunch in their den while a flock of sparrows fly in to share their food.

China ship disaster probe finds management flaws

2015-12-30 20:58:57

A six-month investigation into a cruise ship disaster on the Yangtze River in June, killing 442 people, has uncovered problems in the shipping company's daily management and local regulators' supervision.

Guangdong awards business leaders for innovation

2015-12-30 20:28:55

Ten companies, along with ten more business leaders, have been awarded for their growing role in innovation and business upgrading in Guangdong province, a longtime testing ground for China’s reform and opening up.

Nuclear venture formed to design third-generation reactor

2015-12-30 20:28:33

Two Chinese nuclear giants formed a venture on Wednesday to combine technologies on China's third-generation nuclear reactor design, known as the Hualong One or HPR1000, a move that could give a boost to nuclear technology exports.

China cruise ship tragedy caused by freak weather: official probe

2015-12-30 19:46:49

It was heavy storms during freak weather that caused a cruise ship on the Yangtze River to capsize in June and kill 442 people.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to greatly cut PM 2.5 by 2020

2015-12-30 16:56:59

Chinese authorities unveil goals to cut PM2.5 in the heavily polluted Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to 64 micrograms per cubic meter by 2020.