Ministry vows crackdown on college test cheaters

2015-12-29 08:15:38

The Ministry of Education has reported a suspected cheating incident in an important exam on the weekend to the public security authorities and will crack down on any cheating in exams, according to the ministry's micro blog on Sunday.

Smoking rate holds steady despite reduction efforts

2015-12-29 07:48:56

Despite legislation and public education, China hasn't curbed tobacco use. Smoking prevalence remains the same as it was five years ago.

Murder case 'highlights lapse in senior care sector'

2015-12-29 07:37:12

The high-profile case of a caregiver accused of killing an elderly woman in Guangdong province has exposed a management lapse in the senior care market.

Yearender: Key words from popular China news stories in 2015

2015-12-29 07:02:55

The year 2015 will go be remembered for various reasons. To help realize exactly how 2015 will be remembered, here are the key words from the year that was.

China launches Earth observation satellite

2015-12-29 01:07:42

China launched the Gaofen-4 Earth observation satellite early Tuesday morning to facilitate public services.

Chinese attending US schools at younger age

2015-12-28 11:55:21

Chinese students in the United States are getting an earlier start.

Companies ordered to employ veterans amid troops cut

2015-12-28 21:41:54

The Chinese government has ordered state-owned companies to arrange jobs for retired soldiers as the army plans to cut 300,000 troops in the next two years.

Shenzhen police takes compulsory measures against 12 responsible for landslide

2015-12-28 20:40:12

Shenzhen police have taken compulsory measures against 12 people, including company executives, responsible for a landslide on Dec 20 that left dozens missing in the city.

Entrepreneur turns waste into business

2015-12-28 20:28:03

Environmental problems are causing increasing concerns in China. But an entrepreneur in Maoming, Guangdong province, is dedicated to improving the situation by developing a technology that turns solid wastes into clean energy while purifying pollutants in power plants.

China simplifies procedures for Chinese going abroad

2015-12-28 19:38:45

China's Ministry of Public Security announced on Monday more simple procedures for applying passports or other pass certificates.

Second-hand smoking drops in China

2015-12-28 19:06:10

The second-hand smoke exposure has dropped in China despite an increase of 15 million smokers in the past five years, said a domestic smoking report.

China plans to renovate 6 mln run-down houses in 2016

2015-12-28 18:47:53

China plans to renovate 6 million run-down urban houses in 2016, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development disclosed at a work conference on Monday.