Lung cancer patients to grow by 800,000 a year

2015-12-01 07:56:27

China is expected to have more than 800,000 lung cancer patients diagnosed annually by 2020, with nearly 700,000 people dying from the disease each year.

Micro blog closes after nursing mom is criticized

2015-12-01 07:39:58

A charitable organization shut down its micro blog after being criticized over a posting in which a mom was ridiculed for breast-feeding in public.

Amid severe smog, Beijing orders halt to production

2015-12-01 07:16:29

Environmental watchdogs strengthened inspections as the air quality deteriorated to the most severe readings in the country's northern regions.

French ambassador looks for more exchanges with China

2015-12-01 06:46:28

France has confidence in China's economic transformation and is interested in more investment and people-to-people exchanges with China, said Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, French ambassador to China.

Govt spending on science public education rises

2015-11-30 20:55:40

The Chinese government earmarked 6.401 billion yuan ($1 billion) for public awareness campaigns for science in 2014, amounting to 4.68 yuan invested for each resident, a yearly increase of 1.27 yuan, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) announced on Monday.

China to increase supervision over postal service

2015-11-30 20:09:16

Postal enterprises should compensate their clients for lost and damaged parcels within seven days, according to a new regulation that will come into effect on Tuesday.

Special needs university students on rise

2015-11-30 20:09:16

Some 7,864 students with special needs were admitted by regular Chinese universities last year, the Ministry of Education said.

Prehistoric artifacts found in China

2015-11-30 17:10:55

More than 300 items used by prehistoric people in their daily life 4,000 years ago were unearthed in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region.

14 sentenced over deadly pipeline blast

2015-11-30 15:56:22

Fourteen people were sentenced to three to five years in prison on Monday over a fatal pipeline blast that claimed 63 lives in the eastern city of Qingdao on Nov 22, 2013.

Civil service losing appeal as 460,00 don't turn up for exam

2015-11-30 14:06:59

The possibility of passing the exam has increased as one out of 33 are expected to land a government job, compared to 64:1 last year.

Toll gates closed after smog hits Shandong Province

2015-11-30 11:52:18

More than 200 expressway toll gates in east China's Shandong Province were closed on Monday due to a persistent smog since Saturday.

Death toll of E China gas poisoning rises to 10

2015-11-30 10:42:09

Another five people have died after a gas poisoning incident in east China's Shandong Province on Sunday, bringing the death toll to 10, according to the local government.