China announces water pollution controls

2015-04-16 14:56:37

A plan intensifying the government fight against water pollution in China was released Thursday.

China to rate Internet cafes for better service

2015-04-16 13:27:21

Chinese authorities are planning to introduce a rating system to its 140,000 Internet cafes in a bid to improve service.

Premier lambastes bureaucracy in ministries

2015-04-16 13:26:21

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang lambasted redundant and laggard procedures for implementing central policies, calling for simplified measures and delegation of powers to lower levels.

Major businesses ink green commitment

2015-04-16 11:12:54

Fifty-six major enterprises in Hebei, considered one of the most polluted provinces in China, signed environmental protection commitment letters in a meeting hosted by the provincial environmental protection department.

Chinese farmer advertises hometown on S Korean paper

2015-04-16 10:49:23

A picture of an ad has gone viral on China's social network Weibo. A farmer in Ningxiang, Central China's Hunan province, paid Korea Daily, a South Korean newspaper, for a full-page advertisement of his hometown in order to promote local tourism industry.

Ministry to probe hybrid rice

2015-04-16 10:34:20

Chinese agricultural authorities are planning an investigation, following the failure of a hybrid rice variety in Anhui.

Transcript of Premier Li's interview with Financial Times

2015-04-16 09:05:14

On the afternoon of 31 March 2015, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council gave an exclusive interview to Lionel Barber, Editor of the Financial Times, at the Great Hall of the People.

Tibet path of development on right track, analysts find

2015-04-16 07:49:23

The Chinese government on Wednesday issued a white paper on the Tibet autonomous region, applauding its development path and denouncing the "middle way" advocated by the Dalai Lama.

Chinese military to buy advanced missiles from Russia

2015-04-16 07:48:39

The deployment of the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile system will substantially improve China's air defense capability, military experts said as Russian media reported that China has bought the cutting-edge weapon.

First lady Peng Liyuan plays
key role in diplomacy

2015-04-16 07:19:35

The first lady's international image and activities are important to China's public diplomacy, according to China's first public diplomacy research report.

Russia honors Chinese veterans from WWII

2015-04-16 03:36:39

Fifty-three Chinese who lived and worked near Moscow during World War II were honored at a medal ceremony at the Russian embassy in Beijing.

Court to rule on private car booking apps

2015-04-15 21:03:22

In the first case of its kind in China, a court in Jinan, Shandong province has been asked to determine the legality of a private car driver touting for passengers by using taxi-hailing apps.