UN official lauds China's steps on carbon emissions

2014-11-20 07:06:40

China is ramping up efforts to curb domestic carbon emissions and to bridge differences in global negotiations, a welcome sign from a "constructive leader" in climate change, the United Nations' top climate official said on Tuesday.

Beijing ready to cooperate on Internet security

2014-11-20 07:00:45

China is ready to work with other countries to deepen international cooperation, respect sovereignty on the Internet and uphold cybersecurity, President Xi Jinping said in a congratulatory message to the first World Internet Conference on Wednesday.

More Chinese medical aid heads to Africa

2014-11-19 11:27:53

In China's latest round of health assistance with Africa, two military medical teams comprising more than 200 members left for Liberia and Sierra Leone to help fight against the Ebola epidemic.

HK police strongly condemn acts endangering public order

2014-11-19 09:55:32

Hong Kong police on Wednesday strongly condemned the acts of protesters who attempted to enter the Legislative Council (LegCo) Complex by force and endangered public order.

Generation fun

2014-11-19 08:17:12

The distinctive humor and worldview of people born after 1990 have been shaped by their easy relations with social media and China's economic rise.

Migrants struggle with life in cities, says report

2014-11-19 08:12:11

China had 245 million migrants at the end of 2013, representing more than one-sixth of the national population.

Number of Chinese studying in the US continues to climb

2014-11-19 08:12:11

The number of Chinese mainland students studying in universities and colleges in the United States continues to rise and accounts for 31 percent of all international students, the highest concentration that China, the top country of origin, has had since 1948, a report said.

CCTV holds annual ad sale behind closed doors

2014-11-19 08:12:11

China Central Television, the country's sole national TV broadcaster, held its 21st annual advertising auction for the coming year on Tuesday in Beijing.

Drug abuse blamed for big increase in violence

2014-11-19 07:56:32

Rampant smuggling of synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine from Southeast Asia has led to more violent crimes nationwide in China.

Nations join hands for Antarctic study

2014-11-19 05:01:49

China and Australia signed a memorandum to deepen cooperation in Antarctica, including environmental, policy, scientific and operational collaboration.

Former blogger sentenced for four years

2014-11-18 14:06:16

A Beijing court sentenced a former popular micro-blogger to four years in prison for illegal business operation on Tuesday.

Drowning leading cause of death for kids in China

2014-11-18 13:54:26

Drowning is the leading cause of death in China for children aged 5 to 14, claiming 12,000 lives of that age group each year.