Public employees get salary increase

2015-01-20 07:53:27

China has raised salaries for civil servants sharply this year, after they had been frozen for years and workers had been leaving jobs because of low pay.

Chronic disease takes high toll on China

2015-01-20 07:40:06

More than 3 million people die prematurely each year in China from diseases that are largely preventable, according to a report released on Monday by theWorld Health Organization.

Chinese official demand clean-up of cyberspace

2015-01-19 21:57:38

The chief of the Anti-Pornography and Anti-Illegal Publications work group, Liu Qibao, on Monday said more must be done to make the Internet a "cleaner" space.

E China fishing boat with 14 on board goes missing

2015-01-19 21:05:54

A fishing boat with 14 crew members on board went missing off the coast of Zhoushan city in east China's Zhejiang Province around 1 a.m. Monday.

Senior tourism official removed from post

2015-01-19 20:44:23

Huo Ke, deputy director of the China National Tourism Administration, has been removed from post for suspected "serious discipline and law violations."

Urgent action needed to prevent 3m early deaths annually

2015-01-19 19:57:43

More than 3 million people in China die prematurely each year from largely preventable diseases, a report from the World Health Organization said.

Annual session of Xinjiang CPPCC kicks off

2015-01-19 18:02:03

Political advisers in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region performed well in countering separatism and religious extremism during the past year, the region’s top advisor said on Monday.

Xi's harsh words on corruption

2015-01-19 14:24:52

14 quotes from Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding stringent requirements for Party members.

Probe of Armed Police Force set

2015-01-19 08:08:42

The Central Military Commission will send an anti-graft inspection team to the China Armed Police Force as part of the nationwide effort to crack down on corruption.

Beijing holds first terrorism drill in 2015

2015-01-16 22:25:57

Beijing's police department had its first terror drill of 2015 on Friday afternoon, which aimed to grantee security -- preparing especially for Chinese New Year.

Chengdu couple receives blessing from Obama

2015-01-16 15:50:05

An old couple in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, received a wedding card and greetings from US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, on their diamond wedding anniversary, marking sixty years of marriage.

Over 20 missing after boat sinks in China's Yangtze River

2015-01-16 15:03:19

By Friday morning, rescuers have rescued three passengers on board a tug boat that sank on the Yangtze River in east China's Jiangsu Province on Thursday, and are still searching for more than 20 missing.