Li pins high hopes on China-Germany cooperation

2014-10-11 03:14:59

Premier Li Keqiang gives a Luban Lock as a gift to German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the China-Germany Economic and Technological Forum during his visit to Berlin on Oct 10, 2014.

China can lead way in clean energy

2014-10-10 13:10:34

For Eric Heitz, CEO and co-founder of the Energy Foundation, a partnership of philanthropic investors promoting cutting-edge clean energy, China's future in energy efficiency is pure gold.

China's trade with Texas taking off

2014-10-10 13:10:34

China is finding some Southern hospitality for business with the state of Texas.

China needs more than GDP

2014-10-10 13:10:34

Since China surpassed Japan as the world's second-largest economy in 2010, the world has been counting down to the day when it will outpace the United States as the world's leading economic power.

IMF expects China's GDP to fall to 7% in 2015 due to debt

2014-10-10 13:10:34

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is retaining its 2014 economic growth outlook for China at 7.5 percent, but expects GDP to fall to 7 percent next year because of slow implementation of reforms and policies to limit local government debt and investment credits.

China urges reform of UN peacekeeping

2014-10-10 11:27:06

A Chinese envoy said on Thursday that the United Nations should pay attention to increacing the relevance and feasibility of its peacekeeping operations.

Chinese premier criticises lazy officials as corrupt

2014-10-10 08:13:05

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has once more laid down the law with government workers who are trying to kept a low profile amid a corruption crackdown.

HK govt shelves talks amid protests threat by students

2014-10-10 07:49:56

The Hong Kong government has shelved highly anticipated talks with student leaders after the latter pledged to continue or even escalate disruptions to the public.

Ministry issues stern warning to college professors

2014-10-10 07:37:36

The Ministry of Education is taking what it calls a necessary step of listing a number of immoral behaviors that college and university teachers are banned from committing.

Top court acts to curb paid Web posts, deletions

2014-10-10 07:25:11

People who offer money to network service providers or posters of information to have material deleted will be subject to penalties.

Premier pushes innovation on German visit

2014-10-10 04:04:38

Premier Li Keqiang, starting his 2nd visit to Germany on Thursday since taking office, aims to maximize Sino-German ties through an "innovation program".

Beijing to keep the lid on air pollution for APEC

2014-10-10 03:28:12

Beijing plans to keep a tight rein on pollution by cutting emissions caused by industrial production and vehicles when it hosts the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in November.