Survey affirms locals' love of hotpot, with ox stomach voted most popular

2015-07-15 07:34:07

Visitors to the mountainous city of Chongqing may be surprised at the local people's craze for spicy hotpot and their taste for animals' internal organs.

Loong Airlines defends decision to fly in typhoon

2015-07-14 13:27:43

Zhejiang Loong Airlines defended its decision to fly in spite of typhoon Chan-Hom, which hit Shanghai and Zhejiang province last week.

Officials step up moves against 'zombie meat'

2015-07-14 08:04:17

A crackdown on the illegal trade in smuggled frozen meat is being intensified after reports of expired and rotten supplies being brought into the country and served in restaurants.

A day in the life of Muslims during Ramadan in NW China

2015-07-14 08:12:19

Ramadan is an important religious festival and Chinese Muslims are no different to any other followers of Islam around the globe.

Capital launches plan to clean air

2015-07-14 08:04:44

Beijing agrees to pay 460 million yuan cost to reduce coal consumption in 2 Hebei cities

Heat wave brings 40 C temps, fire risk alert

2015-07-14 08:04:17

A heat wave pushed temperatures to above 40 C in some northern and central parts of China on Monday.

China's carbon growth rate in decline: report

2015-07-14 07:37:53

The growth rate of carbon emissions has been "in a steady decrease" since 2005, and was near zero in 2014, according to a new climate report.

Tongchuan's transformation reaping economic rewards

2015-07-14 13:28:06

Tongchuan, a city in Shaanxi province transforming itself from a coal-polluted city to an environmentally-friendly one, is making great strides promoting employment and entrepreneurship.

Beijing to adjoin neighbor cities with 1,000 km suburban rail

2015-07-14 13:24:57

Beijing will build a 1,000 km suburban rail network as part of a transportation overhaul to integrate the Chinese capital with neighboring cities.

Judicial officials to return to court

2015-07-14 08:04:17

Judicial officials, including court presidents, are being encouraged to return to grassroots courts to hear cases - a move that seeks to make trials efficient and legal teams more professional, officials responsible for judicial reform said on Monday.

Beijing's district where women tip-off police, keep streets safe

2015-07-13 14:46:08

While Beijing's Chaoyang residents have earned the title of the "fifth largest intelligence agency" in the world, their peers in Xicheng district prove they are no second.

High-speed railway on trial run in NE China

2015-07-13 13:31:24

A high-speed railway between two cities in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, known for its high latitudes and biting cold winters, began a trial operation on Monday.