Russian jet fighters 'to enhance the PLA'

2015-12-03 07:49:32

The introduction of Russian-made Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets will bring a number of benefits to the People's Liberation Army Air Force and the Chinese aviation industry, according to military observers.

Road rage cases pose huge safety challenge

2015-12-03 11:12:39

More than 17 million cases of road rage have been handled by Chinese police this year as authorities struggle to teach drivers better road etiquette.

Academy proposes retirement age timeline

2015-12-03 07:53:18

China should gradually increase the retirement age as part of a solution to fill a possible future pension fund gap, according to a green book on population and labor released on Wednesday.

Analysis: Diabetes, weight loss, high on list of health concerns

2015-12-03 07:46:39

Weight loss, diabetes, cancer and nutrition are among the most popular topics with Chinese people who habitually follow health news online.

West wind clears capital's air after most severe pollution this year

2015-12-02 08:09:15

With a westerly wind reaching the capital at midnight on Tuesday, good air quality is witnessed Wednesday in Beijing after this year's most severe smog since Friday.

Foreign HIV/AIDS patients on the rise in China

2015-12-02 07:46:04

More than 1,800 HIV/AIDS cases involving people from outside the Chinese mainland-mostly foreigners-were diagnosed between January and October.

China highlights relocation in battle against poverty

2015-12-02 08:58:57

China should push forward the relocation of people living in the country's poorest regions to deliver its ambitious poverty relief goals, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday.

Banks improve services for farmers and nomads

2015-12-02 08:12:22

Banks in Sichuan province participating in a wide-scale poverty alleviation endeavor want to upend entrenched notions about lending to the poor.

Ex-prosecutor expelled from Party for taking drugs

2015-12-02 08:12:22

A former top prosecutor in Linxiang, Hunan province, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China for taking illegal drugs and other violations of Party rules, the city's anti-graft body said on Tuesday.

Xi, Obama pledge to manage differences in constructive manner

2015-12-01 07:06:21

China and the US pledged to manage differences and sensitive issues in a constructive manner commit to a climate change agreement.

BRICS media leaders gather in Beijing for cooperation

2015-12-01 11:07:18

BRICS media leaders gather in Beijing for cooperation

400,000 people to move to suburbs amid Beijing's administrative shift

2015-12-01 11:15:17

Beijing will move many of its city administration offices out of the city center to the eastern suburb of Tongzhou, with "substantial progress" by 2017, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning announced on Monday.