Chongqing turns up heat on hotpot studies

2014-11-04 07:31:04

If you've three months and a few thousand yuan to spare, you can study for a certificate from a hotpot academy and become a master in the cuisine.

Anti-drone weapon passes its shooting test

2014-11-04 07:24:20

The Low Altitude Sentinel system can shoot down small aircraft within a 2-km radius within five seconds of detecting its target.

China investigates official misconduct behind jailbreak

2014-11-04 06:57:39

The Supreme People's Procuratorate has ordered Guangdong provincial prosecutors to investigate possible official misconduct behind a jailbreak, which saw two inmates climb over prison walls to escape on Saturday.

Rule of law benefits foreign firms

2014-11-03 21:28:15

Foreign companies operating in China will enjoy easier market access and better prospect, said Zhang Yansheng, secretary general of the academic committee at the National Development and Reform Commission.

Xi stresses rule of law for 'safe China'

2014-11-03 21:16:24

President Xi Jinping has underlined that the rule of law was a key guarantee for building a 'safe China,' urging political and legal organs to collectively develop the public security system.

Chinese culture scoring points abroad with mahjong

2014-11-03 16:34:04

A joke in Sichuan province says passengers aboard any plane descending upon the capital, Chengdu, will hear clicks and clacks.

Facts about APEC 2014

2014-11-03 16:05:16

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a forum that seeks to promote free trade and economic cooperation throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Tibetan culture to take center stage

2014-11-03 13:33:33

Vancouver kicked off Tibetan Culture Week with a grand opening ceremony at the downtown Fairmont Hotel on Sunday.

Monitors improve Tianjin air quality

2014-11-03 08:14:35

Every working day at 8 am, Zang Cuifeng takes to the streets of Zhujiangli community, in Hexi district, Tianjian, except when it rains heavily.

Lunar orbiter's wealth of data to be studied

2014-11-03 07:56:08

The head of China's lunar probe program has called for a thorough analysis of data collected from the test lunar orbiter, which returned on Saturday, to speed up work on Chang'e-5 and its 2017 lunar mission.

Body snatchers face prosecution

2014-11-03 07:56:04

Two officials in Guangdong province and a man from the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region have been prosecuted for body snatching as they traded corpses for cremation to complete quotas in accordance with burial reform.

Donations of organs save 3,000 patients

2014-11-03 07:30:56

Nearly 1,300 Chinese citizens have donated organs posthumously for lifesaving transplants this year as of Thursday, saving more than 3,000 lives, an official said.