Beijing to add bicycles, crack down on illegal parking

2015-09-24 07:59:52

Beijing transit authorities are targeting illegal roadside parking in bicycle lanes, and plan to further increase cycling infrastructure by the end of this year.

Xinjiang gets a helping hand to improve locals' livelihoods

2015-09-24 07:59:52

Assistance projects to help the development of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region must focus on increasing employment and improving the quality of education, especially in less-developed southern Xinjiang, Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli said on Wednesday.

Li: Blasts must bring harsh penalty

2015-09-23 07:14:30

Premier Li Keqiang urged harsh punishment on Tuesday for those responsible for the deadly blast that left 165 people dead and eight others missing last month in Tianjin port.

Holidays spark shopping spree

2015-09-23 07:43:25

Big-spending Chinese tourists are embracing a longer vacation as this year's Mid-Autumn Festival falls close to the National Day holiday in October.

Shenzhen launches property registration

2015-09-23 07:32:33

China's southern boomtown Shenzhen on Tuesday began its unified property registration as part of a national push for regulating the real estate market.

China publishes regulation on CPC's united front work

2015-09-23 07:34:53

China on Tuesday published the full text of a regulation on the united front work of the Communist Party of China (CPC) which took effect on May 18.

Students' satellite launched into space

2015-09-23 07:44:32

Among the 20 satellites launched on the maiden flight of the Long March 6 rocket on Sunday was a nano-satellite designed, developed and controlled independently by college students.

Courts to avoid judgments in weak cases

2015-09-22 07:00:33

Little awareness of human rights protection, and illegal maneuvering to tackle cases, have been the main reasons for wrongful verdicts over the past few years.

Scenic high-speed rail route opens in Jilin

2015-09-22 07:50:50

China's first high-speed passenger railway line to the borders with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Russia has started business.

Upgraded combat drone is unveiled

2015-09-22 07:03:49

China unveiled a high-end, multi-role combat drone during a recent aviation expo, a move that an industry expert said aims at winning a bigger share of the international military drone market.

Li calls on State-owned firms to tap more global markets

2015-09-21 06:49:12

Premier Li Keqiang has encouraged State-owned enterprises to play a key role in the drive by the nation's industries to "go global".

China issues white paper on gender equality, women's development

2015-09-22 11:28:39

Gender equality and women's development in China not only show the country's own progress, but also constitute a historical contribution made to global equality, development and peace.