One mln Chinese couples apply to have second child

2015-01-12 15:14:27

Nearly one million couples have applied to have a second child since China eased its one-child policy in 2014, allowing couples to have a second child if either parent is an only child.

Surrogacy rampant despite bans

2015-01-12 09:22:09

Chinese authorities are being urged to take vigorous measures against the surrogacy business.

Northwest set to push Silk Road links

2015-01-12 07:46:14

China's northwest regions are planning to invest more in infrastructure, tourism and tourism-related industries to attract more visitors to the ancient Silk Road that linked China with central Asian nations.

Better testing to secure safe blood supply

2015-01-12 03:25:22

China's top HIV/AIDS specialist revealed that each year about 10 people get HIV virus via a blood transfusion due to limitations of screening technology.

Girl infected with HIV from heart operation: official

2015-01-11 21:25:04

It has been confirmed that a five-year-old girl contracted HIV due to a blood transfusion during an operation four years ago, said the health authority in Fujian province, Southeast China.

Taiwan culls 120,000 chickens after bird flu found in chicken farm

2015-01-11 16:27:50

Epidemic prevention personnel disinfect a freight car carrying dead chickens in Pingtung county, Southeast China's Taiwan, Jan 10, 2015. About 120,000 chickens have been culled after H5N2 avian influenza virus was deteced at a chicken farm here on Friday.

We learn what is love from the 10-year-old schoolboy

2015-01-11 16:07:24

Mo Shuangyi, a 10-year-old schoolboy, prepares dinner at his home in Tonggu county of Yichun, East China's Jiangxi province, Jan 9, 2015. After his father was diagnosed with leukemia in October 2014, Mo decided to collect recyclable wastes and sell them for money in order to save his father, who thought of giving up treatment because of high medical costs.

Girl copies TV character to score marks

2015-01-11 14:27:17

Groom, bride attend wedding on cycle, heartbroken man jumps from bridge, student goes back to time for final exam

Shanghai nixes famed lantern festival after deadly stampede

2015-01-11 14:19:36

China's financial hub of Shanghai has canceled its famed Lunar New Year lantern festival in the wake of a stampede that left 36 people dead.

China's 1st female pilot steers manned sub Jiaolong

2015-01-11 13:14:38

China's first female pilot trainee dived as copilot with deep-sea manned submersible Jiaolong, China's first such sub, in the southwest Indian Ocean.

Walk down the aisle in balloon dress

2015-01-11 10:11:38

To raise awareness about environmental protection, a mannequin is dressed in a wedding dress made of balloons at a shopping mall in Kunming, Yunnan province, Jan 9, 2015.

Police reveal role dogs play in fighting crime

2015-01-11 09:55:02

A police dog nabs a suspect at a training session in Xiamen, Fujian province, Jan 10, 2015. The day marked the 29th anniversary of the establishment of the "110" police calling system in China.