Search continues for 64 still missing in Shaanxi landslide

2015-08-14 07:31:11

A team was continuing to search for 64 people missing after Wednesday's landslide in Shanyang county, Shaanxi province.

China to intensify public security patrols

2015-08-13 21:24:20

Vice-Minister of Public Security Huang Ming has called for strengthened public patrols to deter crimes and respond to emergencies.

Man kills woman in Sanlitun with sword

2015-08-14 08:06:06

A Chinese woman was killed on Thursday and her French husband wounded when they were attacked by a man with a sword in Sanlitun, a commercial district in downtown Beijing.

Injury risk increases without seat belts

2015-08-13 07:52:08

Chinese air travelers frequently ignore warnings to buckle their seat belts, even during takeoff and landing, and when turbulence is anticipated, aviation safety experts said.

Former boss of major Chinese automaker expelled from CPC, office

2015-08-13 15:21:43

Xu Jianyi, former party chief and chairman of major Chinese automaker FAW Group, has been expelled from the Party and public office for graft, the country's top anti-graft body said Thursday.

False quake warning sent to cellphones

2015-08-13 07:52:08

Cellphone users with early-warning software for earthquakes were notified on Monday afternoon that a magnitude-6.0 quake had occurred in Beichuan, Sichuan province.

Restrictions on emissions outlined

2015-08-13 07:51:24

Manufacturers that fail to suspend production in accordance with restrictions imposed before the Sept 3 military parade to reduce air pollution will face harsh fines.

Chinese airlines score poorly

2015-08-12 07:21:11

Chinese carriers were among the least punctual airlines in the world last month, and analysts attributed the poor performances to rapidly growing air traffic and bad weather.

Longer weekends promoted to improve tourism

2015-08-12 07:11:48

Employees should be given more flexibility in summer to take half-day vacations on Fridays, giving them extra time for weekend travel, the State Council suggested.

Ex-SOE executive gets 18-year prison sentence

2015-08-12 07:43:58

A former senior executive at several major State-owned enterprises was sent to prison for 18 years on Tuesday after he was convicted of embezzling public funds and accepting bribes.

Rainfall and hot weather blamed as algae hits major lakes

2015-08-12 07:44:31

Continuous rainfall and relatively high temperatures are the main reason behind recent reports of blue-green algae in some major lakes in eastern China, according to experts.

Road over water to be truck-free zone

2015-08-12 07:44:31

A stretch of road 4.4 kilometers long and running above the Three Gorges Reservoir area opened on Sunday, with the management authority pledging strict restrictions on vehicles in a bid to prevent the water becoming polluted.