HK residents say no to blockades and disorder

2014-10-26 23:38:50

As the impasse on Hong Kong streets entered its fifth week, the majority in the city spoke up as thousands have signed a petition to support police action against the protests.

Ancient cliff paintings found in NW China valley

2014-10-26 21:28:49

Chinese archaeologists have discovered more than 40 rock paintings in northwestern Gansu Province that may shed light on nomadic lives thousands of years ago.

Chinese VP underlines steady employment

2014-10-26 21:12:35

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai has urged efforts to promote steady growth in employment by improving supportive policies, stepping up vocational training and enhancing services.

Treating both symptoms, root causes needed to fight Ebola

2014-10-26 19:12:37

According to the latest figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 10,414 people have been infected with Ebola and nearly half of them have died.

Occupy Central damages govt operations, rule of law: HK official

2014-10-26 16:25:24

Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang said Sunday that the on-going Occupy Central movement would damage government operations and the rule of law.

China to ensure military spending efficiency

2014-10-26 16:09:05

China is to introduce a results-based management system to ensure efficiency in military spending.

China's legal renaissance sounds death knell for Guanxi

2014-10-26 16:03:20

As the curtain fell on a key meeting on rule of law on Thursday, Israeli Yuval Golan, 29, felt good about his business prospects in what should be a more transparent and predictable China.

Cold front clears smog in China

2014-10-26 16:01:00

A cold front on Sunday dispersed the smog in Beijing, Tianjin Municipality and Hebei Province.

2 injured at Guangzhou subway station

2014-10-26 11:27:14

Two people were wounded by a man with a knife at a subway station in South China's Guangdong province Saturday evening, local police announced.

China to hasten establishing circuit courts

2014-10-26 09:23:15

China's Supreme People's Court announced Saturday it will hasten steps to set up circuit courts, responding to the latest requirement of the ruling party to advance rule of law.

China, Russia urge scientific co-op

2014-10-26 08:17:18

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin Saturday voiced hope for enhancing cooperation in the fields of science and technology.

Beijing plans steps to clean air during APEC

2014-10-26 03:01:27

The pollutants discharge in Beijing and neighboring regions of Tianjin and Hebei is expected to be cut by a third during next month's APEC meeting.