Chinese medical team back from Nepal mission

2015-05-10 04:08:45

A 58-member Chinese government medical team returned to Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Saturday after a 13-day mission to aid post-earthquake Nepal.

Man detained for stealing official document

2015-05-09 18:47:59

A man has been detained for allegedly stealing an official document in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, local authorities said on Saturday.

SOE execs paid less though covert perks remain

2015-05-09 08:10:44

Annual reports from China's listed state-owned firms show their top executives were generally paid less last year as reform targets executive income.

8 foreigners busted in Beijing drugs raid

2015-05-09 07:55:29

Beijing police have detained eight foreign nationals on suspicion of drug use and trafficking, they announced on Friday.

Chinese team helps heal Nepal

2015-05-08 07:30:14

The Chinese Red Cross workers trek long distances in Nepal to serve the quake-hit areas that lack access to medical care.

Premier meets with group of innovators over coffee

2015-05-08 08:12:23

Visit to Zhongguancun seen as a gesture of government's support for startup businesses.

Savage beating of boy caught on video causes outrage

2015-05-08 11:42:53

A video of a boy being beaten on the street has caused widespread anger online.

For returning migrant workers, a changed and desolate homeland

2015-05-08 11:31:03

As the first generation of Chinese migrant workers return to live in their hometowns, they may find that life has changed dramatically from when they first left, a PhD student in Shanghai University revealed in his journal published in The Paper.

Ten photos you don't wanna miss - May 8

2015-05-08 06:37:21

A group of flight attendants from Taiwan take a selfie at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport on May 7, 2015.

Losing Internet connection ranked No 1 'torture'

2015-05-07 11:36:45

Disconnection from the Internet is No 1 on a top-10 list of "tortures," according to a survey on China's Twitter-like microblogging site Sina Weibo.

BBQs targeted for cleaner air before Beijing's Olympics bid

2015-05-07 10:10:22

As Beijing eyes 2022 Winter Olympics bid, authorities are clamping down on outdoor barbecues to improve the city's air quality.

Errant officials to be penalized for pollution

2015-05-07 07:43:20

Government officials found responsible for environmental pollution will be held accountable beyond their terms of office, according to a new national guideline.