Guangxi official arrested over bribery accusations

2015-11-05 12:55:38

A local prosecuting body has decided to arrest Yu Yuanhui, formerly a senior provincial official from south China's Guangxi, for suspected accepting of bribes, the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) announced Thursday.

Most complete Western Han Dynasty cemetery discovered

2015-11-05 11:27:02

Chinese archeologists announced Wednesday the discovery of the most complete Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- 25 A.D.) cemetery.

Shaanxi's Xixian Bonded Logistics Center gears up for inland free trade zone

2015-11-05 10:59:11

Shaanxi, an inland province in Northwest China, is busy preparing to apply to be part of a third batch of free trade areas in China, in order to play a more important role in the Belt and Road initiative.

Tibetans weave faith into music

2015-11-05 11:05:55

Soinan Omtse dedicated his first album to his grandmother Tashi.

Real estate company Savills opens branch in Xi'an

2015-11-05 10:54:40

Savills, the world's leading real estate consultancy company listed on the London Stock Exchange, announced the launch of a branch on Wednesday in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province in Northwest China, to explore the market in Shaanxi and Northwest China.

Boondocks ballet boosts girls' morale

2015-11-05 09:57:06

Professional teachers from Beijing have been spending their weekend leisure time teaching deprived rural youngsters the basics of classical dance as a way of improving their self-confidence, as Zhao Xu reports from Duancun, Hebei province.

SOE changes aim to improve efficiency

2015-11-05 07:51:33

The State Council released details on Wednesday for deepening reform of State-owned enterprises by drawing a clear line between the roles of government and SOEs.

Deadline set for hukou revisions

2015-11-05 07:51:33

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China will issue plans for the reform of hukou, or household registration, system before the end of this year in a move to promote a reasonable flow of the country's rural population to urban areas and allow them to enjoy equal rights with city dwellers.

Testing begins on world's largest shiplift on China's Yangtze River

2015-11-05 11:24:24

The world's largest shiplift is being tested at the Three Gorges Dam in central China's Hubei Province and will enter service in late December, the China Three Gorges Corp. said on Wednesday.

Peace Ark docks at San Diego

2015-11-04 06:34:15

It's called Harmonious Mission 2015 and it just struck a chord in California.

New digital map on dengue outbreaks in Taiwan launched

2015-11-04 14:25:57

Taiwan's health department on Tuesday released a map that informs the public of dengue fever outbreaks, as the island can report up to 300 cases daily.

China launches new communication satellite

2015-11-04 12:06:23

China on Wednesday morning put a new communication satellite into orbit from the southwestern Xichang Satellite Launch Center.