Innovative quest spurs scientist's decision to come home

2015-06-03 07:39:46

Developing innovative and affordable medicines for Chinese patients was a major factor behind scientist Lu Xianping's decision to return from overseas and set up a pharmaceutical company more than a decade ago.

Foreign cases raise bar for lawyers

2015-06-03 07:39:46

Language skills, knowledge of Western systems needed as companies expand

Live-fire drills to start near border with Myanmar

2015-06-02 07:06:09

People's Liberation Army forces will start a live-ammunition drill on Tuesday in a border area of Yunnan province near Myanmar.

Trade zone eases rules for expats

2015-06-02 03:52:22

The expanded China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will loosen employment policies for overseas candidates and give international students the chance to work in the zone, said Sun Jiwei, head of Pudong New Area.

Prioritize saving lives, premier tells Yangtze rescuers

2015-06-02 17:28:55

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has called for "all-out efforts" to save lives following the sinking of a passenger ship with 458 people onboard in the Hubei section of the Yangtze River on Monday night.

China's health department steps up precaution against MERS

2015-06-02 20:27:35

The National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) on Tuesday issued a manual on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) for health departments and hospitals.

Tough no-smoking rules take effect

2015-06-01 04:46:26

All indoor public places and many outdoor public places in Beijing are required to be 100-percent smoke-free, including primary and middle schools, seating areas of sports stadiums.

China invests heavily on children's education

2015-06-01 09:12:02

Conditions for China's most humble elementary schools have improved significantly since the year's beginning.

Market becomes driving force for foreign talents

2015-06-01 07:25:24

Zhang Jianguo had opportunities in 2013 to talk face to face with more than 100 foreign experts in different fields and from different cities about their lives and work in China.

China trying to reach 13 people near MERS patient

2015-06-01 09:12:51

Authorities in south China's Guangdong Province are still trying to reach 13 people who had close contact with the country's first Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) patient.

Mainland Taiwan affairs chief meets political figures from Taiwan

2015-05-30 19:03:38

The Chinese mainland's top Taiwan affairs official met with senior leaders of Taiwan's two political parties in the mainland's southwestern city of Chongqing.

President Xi demands efforts to ensure public safety

2015-05-30 19:02:31

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged authorities to stay on high alert and make every effort to ensure public safety for the country's billion-plus people.