New public transit line taps cheaper, quieter technology

2015-04-22 07:41:08

Construction has started on a new public transportation line in Beijing that promises to be cheaper to build and run - and less noisy - than subways.

New regulation cracks down on unauthorized repostings of news

2015-04-22 14:14:25

China's National Copyright Administration on Wednesday issued a regulation against news-story copyright infringement, urging Internet media to acquire authorization and pay fees before posting reports produced by print media.

Online system to crack down on fake IDs

2015-04-22 07:41:08

China is to establish an online system to manage lost and stolen identification cards in order to curb the use of fake ID cards to commit crimes, according to the Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday.

Official investigated over desert pollution

2015-04-22 07:41:08

An official in charge of environmental protection is being investigated after a company was allowed to pollute the desert with untreated sewage in Gansu province, according to the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

Tough laws to limit tobacco, milk ads

2015-04-22 07:41:08

Lawmakers are considering introducing tough new restrictions on advertisements for tobacco and baby milk formula powders.

Death and glory in the mountains

2015-04-22 07:41:08

On April 4, the day before the national Tomb Sweeping Festival, Yang Guoqing stowed two coffins in the trunk of his car and took a 20-minute drive to the hills near his home.

State Council acts to add jobs

2015-04-22 07:05:01

The State Council seeks to stimulate employment by expanding taxation reduction and making exemption policies cover sole-proprietorship enterprises.

China, Pakistan elevate relations, commit to long-lasting friendship

2015-04-21 05:02:35

China and Pakistan upgraded their ties to all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation Monday, eyeing perpetual friendship from generation to generation.

Rebuild of area nearly complete

2015-04-21 07:37:58

Efforts to help residents of Lushan in Sichuan province rebuild their homes, construct new ones and restore the region after an earthquake two years ago are nearly complete.

Migrant life may lead to youth crime

2015-04-21 07:37:58

The structure of migrant families is more likely to cause juvenile crimes, an education report said.

Propert yregister to come under one roof

2015-04-21 07:37:58

China will merge its property registration agencies before the end of this year, according to central government departments.

Tighter pesticide, baby milk rules viewed

2015-04-21 07:37:58

The country's top legislature is moving toward much tougher food safety laws on highly toxic pesticides and baby milk formula powders.